Save Carnegie Libraries in CLE - don't let City of Cleveland use Public Bldgs as bait for developers!

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05/11/2015 - 09:30


Dear Neighbors - 

We have seen the struggle Tremont faced with closure of the beloved Carnegie South Library - it is critical to let CPL administration know your libraries must stay open! 

No one should have to fight to reopen a library - Tremont is lucky that their CDC and block clubs are strong and residents made their opinion known to the CPL Library board. 

Please be proactive and attend all of the CPL 150 meetings - the next one is THIS Monday, May 11th at the Brooklyn Branch Library 3706 Pearl Rd. - call 216-623-6920 for details. Light sandwiches and refreshments will be available. Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. See for more details.

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Libraries are NOT development opportunities

Historic Carnegie Brooklyn Branch served SCHOOLS

I am home today and letting folks know that there is a reason that schools and libraries were/are sited in close proximity.  Prior to the seventies - schools did not have libraries within their buildings.  Schools also did not have cafeterias, BECAUSE kids either went home for lunch or brought their lunch.  REMEMBER lunch boxes?  I do.   

In any case, Brooklyn Branch is on the hotly and much anticipated West 25th-Pearl Rd. corridor that our feckless CDC and Cleveland City Council folk and revamped City of Cleveland Economic Development department can't wait to hand off to developers like Stark Enterprises (under Rokakis the go-to developer was Peter Rubin and Coral Group - but they aren't so shiny and new anymore).

So, hold on to your property people (and Cleveland Public Library) - because the City of Cleveland can't wait to serve their new masters.  BE HEARD - and keep your libraries OPEN - and not made available as a poker chip for some insane fly-by night development deal.