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The primary for council seats is Tuesday September 10th - please get out and grill the candidates for your ward. Ward 14 candidates have their first forum opportunity on Thursday, August 15. See flyer for details.

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Candidate Forum Ward 14 TONIGHT

There is a forum  tonight and a follow-up forum on Thursday, August 22nd.

There has been much heated exchange about the forum itself - which, even if you don't happen to like the folks organizing it - is still a forum and a chance to see the candidates -and the organizers should be commended.  I just checked with Vocero Latino and found this disturbing article : http://vocerolatinonews.com/?p=1303.  I am encouraging Vocero Latino to attend and record the event. 

It is my hope that at LEAST someone video records the forum tonight.  As it stands, I will be missing one hour of the program.  Here are the individual websites for each candidate - who I will list in alphabetical order by their last name:

Nelson Cintron http://nelsoncintron.com/

Brian Cummins http://brian-cummins.blogspot.com/p/citizens-for-cummins-2013-campaign-for.html

Janet Garcia http://www.janetgarcia2013.com/

Brian Kazy http://www.kazyforcouncil.com/

Second forum will take place at August 22 at Simpson United Methodist


Ward 14

Rebecca Kempton


Thanks Laura, for getting the word out.

I look forward to seeing all the canididates , tonight.


“At first, they'll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they'll dislike you.”
Criss Jami


Second Ward 14 Forum

Please ask the following for Ward 14 Candidate Forum....

If elected, would you, the candidate, hire any of the other candidates for staff positions in Ward 14? If yes; for which position and why? 


If NO; then why NOT??? 


Simple question. 


Then ask them all................how much they love "ANGELnWard14" for antagonizing them habitually.........................????? 


Ask them how they intend to use thier CDBG Funds for Ward 14? 

Ask them if they will hold 3 PUBLIC community forums and take votes on where to allocate those funds every year by disclosing the applicants for those funds and details PRIOR to making final decisions????? hahah

Will they provide an accounting of where they blow our grants biannually in a public newsletter to ALL households; not just registered voters????  

 (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((SUCH A JOKE)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 


Can we recall them if they violate the above failure???? 



Sorry; I needed a good laugh for the evening......................I figured asking for transparency and expecting these candidates to own their true feelings about eachother and respecting eachother's value within the community at large would be an amazing simple question....hugs. 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Media resources listed below

Ward 14 media coverage here of the two, Meet The Candidates Forums No. 1 August 15, 2013 and No. 2  August 22, 2013.

Recording and publishing in collaboration with I-Open. Betsey Merkel, Editor and Publisher

Please share widely. Thank you!



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