Air Quality and Global Climate Change

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Global Warming is a Critical Concern!

Air quality and Global Climate Change are critical issues that need be addressed aggressively and proactively.  Some of the issues we need to address include the limitation of emissions that add particulate matter to the atmosphere and contribute to the global warming problem, reducing emissions of chlorflorocarbons (CFC) and other chemicals that damage the ozone layer and further contribute to the warming problem, and less use of fossil fuels.  There have been other suggestions, including carbon sequestration.lready there has been reduced consumption of oil due to rising fuel costs - it is interesting how economic dis-incentivization can come into play regarding these issues.

I'd like to see progressive changes in legislation to support global warming reduction.  The Bush Administration has been adamant about research and development on cleaner technologies and alternative energy sources as a superior alternative to global consortiums like the Kyoto Accords which facilitate global emissions reductions.  I think it would take a great deal of work, but models could be implemented to enforce use taxes on 'dirtier fuels' and economic incentives like tax abatements for the purchase of cleaner alternative energy sources.  This speaks to massive awareness campaigns that illustrate the benefits of these approaches to the public effectively and powerfully. 

 Of all issues of environmental concern this might be the most pressing - which there is concern in lower quality of life matrices moving forward 'x' generations we may not even last through the next generation if contributors to the global warming continue unchecked.  Doomsday scenarios like those portrayed in the film The Day after Tomorrow may seem dramatic or sensationalized but the truth of the matter is these could become chilling realities in short order.