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I may be late and wrong here, you guys may have discussed this long ago, but is anyone familiar with Apollo Alliance, headed up by a Jerome Ringo?  There was an article in the Thursday PD business section, front page. 

    Along with the obvious environmental reasons for which this caught my eye, it was also the fact that Ringo is an African American.  Af-Am are not always seen in the media as being part of the environmental movement, and within the Af-Am community, in part because of this lack of "face", the lay person may feel it is not our issue or concern, and is just about saving the whales.  Increasingly, there are beginning to be more mainstream stories that include persons of color that are dealing with environmental issues and environmental justice.  So on that tip, seeing Ringo's face was a good thing.

    Making the environmental movement relevant to the day-to-day lives of all persons in poverty regardless of colors, and as it, poverty, tends to fall out with greater impact on people of color, to make it relevant to them, has not always been communicated, or at least ignored by the media.  Poor folks and folks of color typically don't give a crap about the Steve Irwin's of the world saving some crocodiles.  They need to know how to save their own kids.  Seeing Ringo and others (there is a Af-Am woman in the Bronx that just got some award for urban environmentalism ...) can help people in highly depressed areas, see why they have to think about the environment as well - including jobs!

    ... HEY HERE"S A THOUGHT  ...  A wind Turbine or solar panels manufacturing facility in the unused portions of the GE plant / buildings here in East Cleveland or some other close by East Cleveland / Cleveland edge plant or warehouse (Think Ivanhoe and Coit Road and the like ...)

    But when you do boil it all down, it still has to be about the strength and rigor of the work of the organization itself.  I just found it kind of interesting that Apollo is said to have been "...Founded in 2003 by the United Steelworkers and the Sierra Club."  Strange bedfellows at first glance. 

    But then again, we NEED to have more "strange bedfellows" about a LOT of issues facing us in this world today.


    And because I want to know of the nature, the strengths, of Apollo, I thought I would ask you guys.

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Ohio Apollo Alliance

Very interesting - the Ohio chapter of Apollo Alliance is convened by Policy Matters - here is some info - more at Policy Matters's site?

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