Creating More dining options for the vegetarian population

Submitted by More Better on Thu, 11/03/2005 - 15:56.

Please post thoughts and comments regarding creating more dining options for vegetarians / vegans.

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First step: What are good vegetarian options in area NOW?

Comment below with your favorite places to get good vegetarian / vegan food in NEO right now - vegetarian / vegan restaurants and places with good food and service for vegetarians / vegans

Vegetarian options

Here are a few of my favorite spots with a good array vegetarian options (Please feel free to add more !)


Wilbert's (E 9th and Huron) - Might have the best veggie burger in town 

 Tommy's (Coventry) - a world of veggie fare (most of the menu!)

Johnny Mango's (Ohio City)


Saffron Patch (Near Chagrin and Lee)

Royal Saffron (E 9th and Euclid)

The Mad Greek (Fairmont)

Karma (Coventry)


Middle Eastern

Aladdin's (multiple locations)

Kanzaman (Ohio City) 

Falafel Cafe ( University Circle)

Middle East Restaurant (Prospect and Huron)



Chopsticks (University Circle)

Hunan Coventry (Coventry)

Boo Loong (Chinatown)

Siam Cafe (Chinatown)

Thai / Cambodian

Thai Orchid

Lemon Grass

Number One Pho

Phnom Penh

vegetarian options

Don't forget about the excellent Cafe Limbo on Larchmere.  Not only is the entire menu vegetarian, but they have great live entertainment and a great beer/wine selection with primo outdoor seating and free wi- fi to boot!

Johnny Mangos has lots of opt

Johnny Mangos has lots of options, but the Ohio City location always smells like grilling meat

A veggie-friendly and fun establishment: Wilbert's

I thought i'd post a little review here on a great place here in downtown Cleveland to enjoy delicious vegetarian options, not to mention friendly service and great live entertainment.  That place is Wilbert's at East 9th and Huron, in the Caxton Building.  I've had the pleasure of lunching and supping there several times and haven't had a dish there yet that has disappointed me.  Some of my favorites include what just might be the best veggie burger in town: giant, tasty and great texture (be sure to request a sampler of their signature sauces : chipotle mayo, lime cilantro, and cucumber.  The veggie burrito's are delish as well : baked perfectly, with a delicious homemade salsa and side of sour cream.  If you order the nacho's don't expect an appetizer: we're talking about a HUGE platter of nacho's : my companion and I could barely consume half - and that was our only meal!  the salads are also yummy, as is the garden veggie wrap (just $5).  Don't forget the spicy bean soup - offered most days, it is a delight all its own.

The aforementioned dishes are all priced very reasonably (5-7 dollars).  For a little more you can order a great couscous topped with vegetables.

The live entertainment is frequent and varied- my last visit, on at Thursday evening, featured the lovely Jocelyn Schofield - this talented singer/songwriter could be likened to Tori Amos and Fiona Apple combined.

On one wall of the restaurant are feat. The set of signed photographs make for an interesting visit.  Drinks are reasonably priced as well.

I've been impressed with every visit to this fun venue with great veggie fare.  It remains one of the best kept secrets downtown.  Visit and Enjoy!