New "REALNEO Site" forum

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Wed, 04/30/2008 - 16:54.

REALNEO is under construction -- by you, its community.

The REALNEO Site" forum is a place to...

  • ask questions about how to use the site,
  • answer your peers' questions,
  • post issues you're having with the site, and
  • discuss how the site can evolve.

Thanks -- your input helps improve our community frameworks!

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Most Cool

Jeff MC- (Most Cool),  Laura WIP (Work in Progress) wonders how sites like make their  new members jump through a series of hoops to avoid the spammer problems we encounter and membership login issues at RealNEO?  Does Educause use Drupal?

Thanks Jeff (the younger)...Tim's moniker, not mine,  to distinguish you from Jeff B (the elder)!

posting to forums

We have a new member - subzero. S/he posted a few days ago to a forum:

Interesting post (a link to the Zeitgeist movie and Jacques Fresco's Venus Project). I cannot recall just how I found it. Oh yes, it was because s/he commented on an article by Tim Baldwin which Guy copied and posted from It is here: The Real Road Block: Monetary Economics

But the forum entry was not promoted to the front page and subzero's profile does not show any entries. Well, of course not because the profile offers to let us see "recent blog entries". Perhaps this is one reason that realneo is seen by some as a community blog rather than a forum for discussion. It is rather a collection of blogs. Not bad or good, just perhaps underutilized.

Is there a way that member's forum posts, blog entries and comments can be linked in their profiles? This might provide a richer portrait of the individuals posting here.

I am also interested in ideas about revisiting the taxonomy here. I sort of stopped selecting areas of interest because they did not apply to my post.

It seems the technology might be more fluid and responsive to the dialogue and we might be able to better organize the content by learning to more effectively use the technology.