? of the Day: Do you like the weather in NEO?

Yes I dig the weather, and I take public transportation

We have the best of each of the four seasons, in decent balance - we also don't tend to have bad extremes... this Winter has been a piece of cake. The weather is probably one of the things that attracted me back here, after living in many much warmer cities, that didn't have change of seasons. Once you are used to 4-seasons, its hard to experience life any other way.

I miss winters of the old!

I grew up hearing wonderful tales of ice fishing on  lake erie.  Stories of people driving cars out onto the ice, accross the lake, and stuff.  When was the last time we were able to safely venture out onto our largest and closest piece of public property around?  (by safely I mean following ice thickness rules for safe passage, etc).  I think the weather is changing, but then again I only have 30 years hands on experience to base it on.. Perhaps the contrarian scientists are right..maybe there is no global warming =-)  Its just a cycle.  A cycle surely not effected by the billions of tons of pollutants we inject into the atmosphere.


PS - we need way more snow.

Weather is an asset in NEO

Personally I'm not that crazy about the weather here. That said, I have come to appreciate the weather in our region more after the devastating hurricanes of last fall. We are luck to rarely have life treatening storms here.

I am with Zebra Mussel, I miss the snow we used to have. I remember ice skating on Wallace Lake in Berea as a little kid and doing a lot more cross country and down hill skiing locally. I do enjoy the change of seasons here; fall and spring are always beautiful, but it seems to me about 70% of the days here are cold and gray. I used to love the really warm sunny 80 degree days of summer, but it seems like more and more summer days are "ozone action days." I don't know what the facts are, but I know the air quality in NEO seems to have gotten worse in the last 30 years. I don't remember that haze that you see hanging around the city or how bad some neighborhoods smell just 10 years ago when I worked on the Steamship William G. Mather at E. 9th Street Pier.

I love the NEO weather

Hi Norm,

I think the weather in NEO is great!  Coming from a country that plays dodge ball with hurricanes I think folks have it great here.  There is nothing like the change of seasons.   Anybody up for jumping in Lake Erie with me  The only thing that I would like to see is more clear skies so one can see a sea of stars at night.



1st Annual Whiskey Island Spring Forward Splash

Excellent idea, William. And it is time for a party. So, let's plan a rain, snow or shine, global warming or bone chilling party at "Citizen Hauser"'s famed Whiskey Island. As April 1st is a Saturday and is April Fool's Day, and we may well be fools for planning this, that is the date. That is also the first day of National Public Health Week, and we should use this party to spread awareness.


Now is also a good time to raise awareness of Great Lakes environmental and health issues, air quality and public health, the towpath, Whiskey Island, and the Coast Guard Station, all now in play. Also, this is an excellent excuse for a bunch of folks to get together and have fun. I'm sure Ed will pull out his Kayaks - I'm sure we'll find a way to screen "Citizen Hauser" -  and I will definitely go for a dare to jump in the lake.


Let's take over the Coast Guard Station in the process. Ed's in charge of Whiskey Island logistical planning - who else wants to help plan...?

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