Color for your MInd - Ohio blooms in December

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 12/05/2004 - 15:24.
Color for your MInd - Ohio blooms in December

I have a theory, related to the philosophy of QualityConnectedPlaces, that people need color in their daily diet. Although this image does not seem to directly relate to the economic/community/innovation theme of REALNEO, I believe that color will serve to refresh and invigorate - making this site stimulating both optically and intellectually. What do you feel?


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More art and color the better - so what is the picture?

I agree, the more color this time of year and at REALNEO the better - so what is this image?. And, to other artists and photographers, feel free to add art and color to this site - include information about your work and yourself - if you like, set up a user account and add all the art you want to your personal image gallery - email me if you need instructions - norm [at] icearth [dot] com

Mental color

The photo is bittersweet in the Doan Brook.  But the real story is the struggle I had getting it posted.  And when it finally went up it is not the photo file size that I wanted.  When I went to load a 1 meg file drupal wouldn't take it, so what is up is a crippled 32k file.  I need lessons -  BADLY!  Now I have up a 100k file.  How big an image file will Drupal allow to be uploaded?

Image size is administrator configurable

Jeff, the administrator of a Drupal site configures a wide array of image specifications - I have the site set to limit image upload size to 200k - that can be increased if need be. I don't think for web use an image size of 1Meg is a good idea - you should be able to save the file as a jpeg or gif that is smaller than 200k - let me know if you think that size limit should be increased and I will.

I agree that 1meg is excessiv

I agree that 1meg is excessive, let me fool with the 200k limit and see how the res appears.  I have a subliminal objective; I believe vivacious color and graphics make for a satisfying site visit. Let's bring those visitors back for another refreshing hit!

Thanks Jeff

I'm supportive of featuring lots of images. I'm also working on recruiting some technical support for REALNEO and that will help us set resonable specifications and directions and start better leveraging capabilities like image galleries - this application certainly supports lots more than just words.