i|\|g3nUiTHAI 2006 Recycling

Submitted by Zebra Mussel on Tue, 07/18/2006 - 18:58.
i|\|g3nUiTHAI 2006 Recycling

Special Thanks Go Out To The City Of Cleveland!  For collaborating with the folks behind greening the Ingenuity Festival a bit more in 2006. Thanks go out to  John McGovern for  seizing the reins from whomever and to Cassandra Moore, Project Director,  City of Cleveland, Division of Waste Collections for the recycling containers, data, and customer support.  Thanks go to Sudhir Raghupathy of Net Impact for overarching support and for container assembly.  Much appreciation for Stephen Tompkins of Buckeye Sustainability Institute for coordinating dialog with JV Janitorial at the event, and for participation in the assessment!

Team - Feel free to post up and preliminary data, estimates, weight tickets, process observations, etc.  Lets start the dialog

Thanks to YOU ZM!

greening ingenuity

a fine job by all involved.

we have certainly raised the bar for next year.

can we convene a time to talk and make spreadsheets?  ;>)

thanks green team

Last fall I had suggested a reduced price for people with a transit pass but mentioned that is people were buying tix online in advance, it might be tricky. Could you find out how most people purchased passes. Next year if most people are purchasing their tix at the entrances, a discount for transit riders might be a green way to get to the fest and improve parking for those whose transit trek is more difficult.

I also spoke at length with Rich Weiss at Ingenuity during an interview for the post of volunteer coordinator about building in sustainability into the fest. I didn't get a call back from that interview -- so be it, but I'm glad my words sunk in and that they found you guys to do the follow through. One note for next year: please place garbage and trash receptacles next to each other so one does not have to go searching around for one or the other receptacle as we often have recyclables and rubbish to deal with simultaneously.

Recycling bins look good!

I did not buy anything or throw anything away at Ingenuity but it made me happy to see that if I had bought a bottle of water I could have recycled the bottle. I think just having the recycling containers sends a positive message. I also noticed that there did not seem to be too much junk associated with Ingenuity -- flyers, pamphlets were kept to a minimum. I think it is important for participants to have good websites and plug their websites rather than giving out a lot of papers that will blow away or just get thrown away. Good job all!