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Good morning all...

  I hope to see you all at Defrag tomorrow. 

  I have a short bit of good news.  I have created an e-mail address for all of your questions on the REALNEO family of sites. 

  If you have questions or concerns specific to the REALNEO site, feel free to e-mail realneo-support [at] realneo [dot] us and your query will be answered by the most appropriate party.

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What is the REALNEO family of sites?  Too much information for Miz Information to handle these days.

We host other sites for the community

Hey LM - we also provide the site for the City of East Cleveland - - and the Cleveland Club of Washington, D.C. - - and NEO Mainstreet - - and lots of other good folks and orgs around here and elsewhere... just our way of making this a more connected place.

Disrupt IT

So when will you redesign EC library website?

Or will East Cleveland defect to the Cuyahoga County library systems as foreshadowed in today's editorial?  You do have to ask yourself, why struggle to duplicate access at so many websites or access to the deep information via database subscriptions.


Your RFC has the potential to make libraries partners in the ideal community center you propose in East Cleveland.

Who/which system will see that potential  first???  Fodder for discussion at the Urban Library Council's meeting in Cleveland on May 4-5th: