What is the greatest harm caused by corrupt politicians in Ohio?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 09/17/2010 - 04:28.
They have allowed excessive polluting, shortening lives here by as much as 14 years, to benefit Cliffs
7% (2 votes)
They have made us the most lead poisoned place in America, to benefit Sherwin Williams
0% (0 votes)
They promote gambling here, to benefit Gilbert
0% (0 votes)
They tax citizens for private interests, like through Third Frontier, CPAC and the Medical Mart
23% (7 votes)
All of the above, as they waste $ billions of tax-dollars intended for public good, and teach our children wrong
70% (21 votes)
Total votes: 30
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property thieves

you forgot to add they also steal property

I'm dealing with their property theft personally

Hence, one criteria in picking a future city is NO NEWHOUSE

I believe that can also log you in at GCBL, CoolCleveland, and soon at Civic Commons... all corrupting cyberspace since the early 2000s... thanks to the machine.

Welcome to the machine.

Hence, one criteria in picking a future city is NO NEWHOUSE presence there.

Disrupt IT

YOU"RE RIGHT...about "the plain dealer"!

I posted on the plain dealer this morning ...that if anyone wanted any "REAL" info about NORTHEAST OHIO to come to REAL NEO site...especially, if they wanted to know how Plymouth Tax Services are buying delinquient tax properties by the bulk....PLAIN DEALER BOOTED ME OFF....I posted right after Jerleen1 and they booted 4 of us off, including, her comment.

Plymouth Park NJ OH corruption connection

Plymouth Park Tax Services LLC


For information on small online job postings or business listing packages, please contact, Candace Moyna, Advance Internet, 1-866-761-9383, 30 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ.

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Who decides how properties arrive on this list and what is the criteria used?


good find, Laura


You know Democratic Former NJ Governor Florio is CEO of Plymouth

Did you notice Democratic Former Governor Florio is CEO of Plymouth?

Former Democratic Governor from corrupt fucking New Jersey  - explains everything about why his corrupt ass is corrupting Cuyahoga County - follow the scuzzball old fart democrats and their money.

These 71 year old motherfucking politicians - every heard of retirement... or death?!?!?

    James J. Florio    
    Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Plymouth Park Tax Services LLC
    Age  71    --
    James J. Florio serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Plymouth Park Tax Services LLC. Mr. Florio served as Chief Executive Officer of Xspand Corporation, an asset management company based in Morristown, New Jersey, since founding it in 2000 until 2006. He has been Director of Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings, L.P. and Trump Entertainment Resorts Funding, Inc. since May 20, 2005. He serves as a Director of Beres Industries Inc. Mr. Florio ... serves on the Board of Directors of Plymouth Financial Company Inc. and ISN Bank (Cherry Hill, NJ). He served as a Director of Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. from 2005 to July 16, 2010. Mr. Florio is of Counsel to the law firm of Florio & Perrucci and a Professor for Public Policy and Administration at the Blaustein Graduate School of Public Policy at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. From 1990 to 1994, Mr. Florio was the Governor of the state of New Jersey where he was responsible for signing into law the Clean Water Enforcement Act (1990), the prototype for present legislation to reauthorize the Federal Clean Water Act. From 1974 to 1990, Mr. Florio represented the 1st District of New Jersey in the United States House of Representatives, where he served as Chairman of the House Subcommittee over environmental matters and authored the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act, known as the 'Superfund' law. He served as counsel to the law firm of Fischbein Badillo Wagner Harding since 1998. Mr. Florio served three terms in the New Jersey General Assembly commencing in 1969. He received his Juris Doctor from Rutgers University Law School, his Bachelors degree from Trenton State College, and a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship from Columbia University.

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Rokakis should be proud - selling out Cuyahoga County

to this scumbag company.  Over 14% of foreclosures in Cuyahoga County were caused by Rokakis' brilliant idea- delinquent property tax liens sold to one company with NO bids-    He can add this to his 'resume' :

















most of the properties are located on the East Side

Most of the delinquent property tax liens that were sold to Plymouth Park Tax Service are located on the East Side.  I wonder why?

Because the East Side leaders are scum

Because the East Side leaders are scum

Disrupt IT

West Side leaders are also scum

In fact, Cuyahoga County appears to be loaded with scum leaders- both East and West .

I am still curious as to why the East Side has a significantly higher number of delinquent tax lien sales.

I post quite a bit and get

I post quite a bit and get thrown out of the kettle.  I don't think they like me very much.  I thought that was what an open forum was for to speak your mind (truth) as long as you were mindful of your language and courteous to other posters........but not according to the PD. 

So...Foreclosures...STAY IN YOUR HOME....

 THAT IS WHAT WAS ON THE TV NEWS SEPTEMBER 16, 2010....Cut the grass ...(or Safegaurd will cut it for you...don't forget they (the "housing specialists") drive around with their "ruler" to give SAFEGUARD accounts!...and the homeowner a "ticket from the city" plus a "bill" for landscaping and "that" bill is attached to your  homeowner parcel taxes...in the auditors office records.. Maintain!!!!  You won't pay the bank...you'll pay everyone else.They ALL want a piece of the pie... .Don't leave any crumbs on the ground or THEY WILL CITE YOU FOR FEEDING THE BIRDS!!!  It is an ordinance... and don't throw that PAPER PLATE on THEIR" ground...THEY WILL CITE YOU FOR LITTERING.

They will cite you for being a voice to disrupt corruption

The truth is...we are all targets to their political retaliation.

We, the truth seekers, are targets of their affection for speaking out against them....

So, how can the citizens of Cuyahoga County stop these retaliatory practices...

Well, according to the leadership...

We must "Mow our own lawns" before we speak out against their corruption.

We can clean up our yards, (SHUT OUR MOUTH), and stop telling the public the truth about their tactics.

We can paint our houses, but not tell others about the 2020 plans that are in place to turn Cleveland into a PARK! 

We can move and sell our houses to whoever would buy them so that they can continue violating the rights of homeowners until the leaders are "DISEMPOWERED".

Look-EXTREME MAKEOVER IS COMING TO CLEVELAND... WE all need to challenge them to do an EXTREME MAKEOVER OF THE FUNDAMENTAL ATTITUDE OF OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS that has devoured our core American Spirit locally! Who can email them? That was part of my campaign, "EXTREME MAKEOVER: Cuyahoga County Edition!" (Starting with A for "ATTITUDE REFORM!")

IF we collectively support the Extreme Makeover by uniting to pass it forward in our community, then perhaps we can unite the divided and conquered citizens who have been violated by generations of corruption.

United We Stand!



I'm going to shut down the corrupt GE/Bechtel Offshore Wind Deal

I'm going to shut down the corrupt GE/Bechtel Offshore Windturbine Deal until Mason is out - he is leading the efforts to transfer all our development wealth to a windmill project that only benefits evil corporations.

The economics of the corrupt GE/Bechtel Offshore Windturbine Deal are horrible for the region - and the man in charge, County Prosecutor Bill Mason, is either too corrupt or stupid to live.

That'll keep the scumbags in town busy for a while!

Disrupt IT

and godforbid - don't plant pear trees in your treelawn!!!

they will fuck your shIt UP!!!!





just ask Linda DeLillo.... she'll tell you how the "system" works....

oh....a New.... so called....2020 MASTER PLAN LAND????

What a great MASTER PLAN 2020!!!! All the Master Plans are on the Old Brooklyn Community Development Organization page ....to the left of the screen you'll see  planning initiatives ....click on  that page.... then, click on the the Old Brooklyn/Brooklyn Centre Nieghborhood  Master Plan in bold blue letters, to get the page....if, you scroll at the bottom of the page it,will provide you with more documents of more cities of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Documents "PLANS"...........Make sure you look on the maps, to see, if your home is still standing in the new big campground park. I would bring this page to you, but, I don't know how to bring it here to REALNEO to post it....

And what do they have planned for the Mittal Site?

And what do they have planned for the Mittal Site? If it is still there spewing poison into the air, all the planning for 2020 is garbage, and people just need to plan to move away from here.

The legal names for the "parks" they are planning are "brownfields" and "superfund sites"

And all the people helping to plan this are fucking murderers... Terri Schwartz of Kent Urban Design is their Queen!

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No consideration of poison from Mittal in plans

No consideration of poison from Mittal in plans.

Here is the link to the Cuyahoga County plan for poisontown - they have a category of Environmental concerns but do not list poison from Mittal, so all these efforts are a complete moronic waste of taxdollars, and completely worthless.


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Mittal Steel????

I am going to look at the geographical map, once more...to see...if Mittal Steel is on there...I still haven't gotten over "What they plan to do on our parcel".

Mittal Steel is just down the hill

Mittal Steel is just down the hill - if you find any plans to stop production of poison from Mittal Cleveland Works anywhere in the world other than on realNEO I certainly want to know about that - Citizen Action doesn't even try to address the problem any more - complete selling out to Cliffs.... makes this community less than worthless... a menace to the world.

Unless you have dedicated your life to working with coal, ore, shipping or steel, you should not live in Cleveland. Why die for something that does not benefit you, and kills millions?

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