How do you get yourself downtown for an event?

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 02/09/2009 - 11:33.

bus plus

Howabout extending the bus choice into public transit, to include the rapid?


  You're right, but now I can't modify it...I am assuming that Other refers to the transit/rapid/train.  Perhaps respondants can sign up and describe their experience coming into Cleveland? Oh mighty drupal gods...please feel free to modify :)

Made the change to Bus

I changed the Bus choice as suggested... I did not change the "other" vote to Public Transit because I don't know if that is the case... Jeff, if that was you, you know how to change your vote... if someone else, and you want your vite changed, post that here and I'll take care of it.

Another good option would be "Live downtown"

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Took the rapid and then walked all over town today

What a joy - no car to worry about - no meter or maggot parking lot developer to feed - and even on a cold windy day I found myself walking all over the Mall, and around the Browns stadium - if old-school planners hadn't made such a mess of the lakefront, I would have loved a coffee... but there ain't nobody doing any business on the 100s of acres wasted on urban blightfields of port, stadum, museumettes, parking lots and the Wolstein disaster zone formerly known as the Historic Flats.

Thanks to some folks from Chicago, it seems all that will soon change.

I enjoyed Cleveland more, and did more, and got lots of fresh air and exercise, because I took the train!

And, BTW, even with the citywide program to destroy urban art by painting over the great grafitti along our public rail, there are some good new tags on the Green/Blue line... but the artists really need to get out and to work painting this Sring... Cleveland looks too much like the gray city by the black lake bombed-out industrial dsiaster that it is without the color, humor and intelligence of our urban art.

How stupid are out leaders not to nurture that?

Question of the day!

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sometimes i ride my bike, i

sometimes i ride my bike, i would take public transit - if it was better...

I rode my bike today

  It was a killer ride.  Really cold...I am posting my photos soon.  Mohsin Hamid was great at Ideastream.  I saw fellow bike advocate Kevin Cronin and Sari Feldman :)  It was a good day, but I am going to hurt like hell tomorrow.