Should the City of Cleveland continue to support numerous community development organizations?

Submitted by Gone Fishin on Tue, 05/03/2011 - 20:56.
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Come on, now,

Come on, now, know that the REAL PEOPLE that are abused (AND USED AS THE FUNDING QUOTAS FOR THESE CORRUPT CDC'S) usually cannot AFFORD a computer or even have time to care about such polls on the internet while they struggle to stay afloat in this world. The voters of this blog poll will predominantly be the "REGIME" players themselves.... That's why they are smugly saying: "IT IS WHAT IT IS"....

Let's do this poll, door to door....and let's do a full survey that asks realistic questions to residents...

How many times have you called a CDC? 

How many times have you ACTUALLY received direct assistance? 

How many times have you been referred to OTHER agencies for direct assistance? 

How many times have you been treated with a smug, condescending, or less than desirable attitude by a CDC worker? (or made to feel uncomfortable by their demeanor?)

Have you been a victim of "target enforcement" as a result of "speaking out" against the politically connected through the City Council, CDC's or even the Block Clubs? 

Have you been retaliated against for disrupting unethical practices or steered out of one of these entities because you did not conform to their choices to violate the public at large? 

Do you live in fear of housing inspectors, code enforcers, and CDC's? 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

In my part of town, the CDC is called a block club

In my part of town, the CDC is called a block club - we don't cost taxpayers anything... we care about our community and keep an eye on each other - we close the street each 4th of July and have a party for all the children. I'd rather live in EC than Tremont, and we ain't got no stinkin' CDCs... no Arts Walks... no video cameras feeding to unelected authorities... no protected bars and their mobs ruining our streets.... just citizens, a city, and everyone trying to move everyone forward together.

Question is how to keep Cleveland from ruining EC with their stinkin CDCs and all the bad there, in our backyards.

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