Grundtvig Virtual Community

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Sun, 12/26/2004 - 15:34.

the Grundtvig Virtual Community

This virtual community is established for those who
are actively engaged within the EU Socrates/Grundtvig programme. This
programme-based community is hosted by the initiative and is open
to all organisations and individuals who are involved in one or more of the
Grundtvig projects. Participation in the community can take place either as a
guest member or with an acquired full membership. A guest membership is
provided free of charge to all Grundtvig projects and its partners. A guest
membership implies no other obligations than adherence to and acceptance
of the general terms of usage. A full membership can be acquired
through an online membership upgrading service, and a membership can be
terminated at any time.

The connectivity between actors within this community is
open to and accessible by all registered members, including guest members.
As a guest member you are provided with a set of basic services that includes
the person-to-person connectivity to other actors, the access to information
materials and opportunities to contribute with comments, ideas and proposals to
the different forums, display areas and information resources presented to
you through the menu system within the interactive service area. The
services being added to your portifolio when you acquire one of the
optional full membership levels is presented through the menu on the right hand
of this page.

The community involvement opportunities are illustrated with the initial
Grundtvig-specific menu options on this page. The 'Community Card' gives an easy access and interactivity with all
other members, organisations, groups and contact lists established for this
community.  Through the 'Group cards' you can interact with members of that group,
and use their shared tools and resources. The 'contact list', one such list has been established for each
Grundtvig project, enables you to interact with each project and its members,
link up with their web services and reach their online information
resources. Depending on the status of a project's utilisation of this service environment you
will find different levels of services integrated from their contact lists.

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