Question of the Day: How are you greening your republic?

Hang that underwear!

  The great thing about good weather: I finally get to dry my bloomers outside!!!   Much better than hanging them in the basement :)

trying to attract preverts?

madame, you need to watch how suggestive you make these posts, unless you're trying to attract snuffling hordes of preverted knickers-stealers to the neighborhood . . . from personal experience, I know that the hottest among us should continue to use our dryers . . .



You Sir, are silly!

Although, it was the first thing I worried about for Norm's sake... A man without underwear...well, you know.

the boy stood on the burning deck

The boy stood on the burning deck,

His heart was all a-flutter.

He ripped his pants on a rusty nail,

And had to wear his mudder's.


Disrupt IT

like a fish without a bicycle