At The Inner Circle Today, Planning Star Neighborhood Development

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 08/03/2007 - 06:51.
08/03/2007 - 12:30
08/03/2007 - 18:00

Please join The Inner Circle for a light Hot Sauce Williams buffet, open house of the old Hough Bakeries Complex, and discussions about ongoing developments in the surrounding area we call the Star Neighborhood  (the location was formerly the Star Bakeries). Please feel free to stop by for lunch, at 1 PM, or later to learn about what will be one of the most innovative community development initiatives in this region since the development of Cleveland's first suburb, East Cleveland..

The Inner Circle will open at 12:30 PM and a buffet Hot Sauce Williams BBQ lunch will be offered at 1:00 PM - a $5 donation toward food will be appreciated but is not required. There is a cash bar, which will be open all afternoon - people are welcome to drop in at any time from noon - 6 PM... there will always be interesting discussions to join.

While we are convening at The Inner Circle, I'll share news on developments in East Cleveland and with the East Cleveland Observer, and I'm asking anyone who wants to help with the East Cleveland Observer to come by The Inner Circle for some informal planning and discussions... all are welcome. Also, you will be welcome to tour the old Hough Bakeries complex, and to swing by the historic house we are renovating in East Cleveland, at 1894 Roxbury.

I hope to see you at The Inner Circle soon.


The Inner Circle Restaurant, at Hough Bakeries
1519 Lakeview Road
East Cleveland, OH
United States
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put it on the ballot today at the Inner Circle

Gloria Ferris and I will be at the Inner Circle with petitions today. If you would like to petition to put the sales tax increase on the ballot, we can issue petitions to you or if time does not permit you to help as a petitioner and you would simply like to sign a petition, you can do so at the Inner Circle today. Hope to see you there!

Of partucular note to those who have yet to decide about Medmart/Concenter issues -- the sales and use tax increase language says nothing about the convention center -- the money will go to the "general fund" of the county. You might be in favor of the convention center to leverage a medical mart and pay and pay for 20 years and never see it materialize. Maybe, just maybe we need more transparency, a little more time and more accountability from our Commissioners. not working

  You guys know that is not responding? Wish I could visit today--workin'--bummer.

Oops... let that lapse... been renewed

Thanks Laura - found out about that yesterday and we renewed - should be back in order soon. Sorry you can't join us today but hope to see you soon...

Disrupt IT

REALNEO.ORG working again...

Wow - and I forwarded the URL all by myself. Now that I know how to forward URLs I'll get the other ones I have out there better organized. Learning by doing.

Disrupt IT

Awesome adjustment and adaptive and adoptive aptitude

    Did I mention I love to alliterate?  Kudos Norm - I'd gotten some complaints but quick conflict resolution is great to see.  Speaking of experiential education, I've had some fun playing with possible fun photographic accents to prior postings.  With a little leeway and lesson inculcation we should have an enriching new enhancement to my future findings and free-speech making!

Another appeal - I'd like to make a preliminary call for all equipment computer related - specifically keyboards, mice, CPUs - of both desktop and laptop flavors, printers, scanners, and so on.  Its time to make a universal appeal, a global grant request of sorts.  I'll be requesting this material individually from tech-utilizing tribes (NPO, FPO, GOV and EDU institutions) but here's a First Call ... for help. 

These will all be undeniably and  ultimately useful to East Cleveland neophytes and non-neophytes technological, alike.

(PC-and-peripheral-facilitated)  Peace!


All the server costs, the domain registration costs, the drupal fix it maintenance costs - Norm (and E) thanks for doing this! 

Wish I was there

Sorry, was called into an interesting and intriguingly intimate interview today afternoon - I'm with you in spirit, as always and will get the luscious lowdown from one of our star team players imminently.  Am looking forward to writing and contributing contributions as a correspondent correspondingly - for the EC Observer!

Best of luck today team...