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In Ohio the sap is running.

So Richard Benjamin stokes 'er up - got to get that sap to 218 degrees F! 

The best socializing is done as a sideline to something else; on a walk, in between laps at a swim team practice, or between chores in the sugar house. 

This type of cottage industry is almost entirely gone from America.  That's a problem.

But with the Canadian dollar up against the US dollar, Canadian imports of maple syrup will be less competive against US syrup.  

Hey, there's one business that is benefiting from the weak dollar....MAPLE SYRUP

The best cornmeal waffle recipe  to come soon.   And you MUST use maple syrup on those waffles!

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Manomet Memories

  I can still see free spirit Kathy with her wild mane of red hair.  The same woman who dragged me to contra dances with her. I had the best pancakes in the world after Hurricane Gloria in Massachusetts in 1985. 

Kathy whipped up pancakes for a bunch of bedraggled Manomet Bird Observatory twenty-somethings who braved the storm in a cabin on a lake owned by LeBaron Briggs III.  

(Norm, you will not be surprised to know that cannabis made the memory...)

I can still taste the maple syrup.  Kathy scared all of us by disappearing during the height of the storm, only to be found serenely floating au natural in the lake, while trees twisted in the gale-force winds.   It was a strangely beautiful event. 

Enjoy those heightened moments of your life.  They are few and far between.

Manomet Memories and White Horse Beach...I have a lot of them :)