06.22.07 Header: Spaces Opening on Superior Viaduct

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 06/23/2007 - 23:10.

Friday, June 22, 2007, "Storage Spaces" opened at Spaces Gallery - continuing their orientation on "Shrinking Cities". It is a very cool show, with many great works in a variety of mediums. And Spaces is a cool arts anti-establishment. As I was up there on the Viaduct, shown in the header attached below, I reflected it has changed character so much, with the growth of condos contrasting with the shrinking cities theme of the moment, since I lived in one of the loft buildings a bit further down... before the viaduct went glass and chrome. I already miss the old days of industrial decay.

From the Spaces write-up about this show: "Through the use of photo-based media, sculpture, video and mixed media installation, each artist develops a stage for recreating an experience filled with personal, yet often universal themes." The description also explains: "Artists explore invocations of memory––personal, cultural, physical and ethereal".

For one of the artists the opening was especially memorable, as my son Claes ran through a section of his work - a really stunning installation of photo images created on flat planes of sugar. I wasn't in the room at the time but I understand Claes ran in and danced upon one of the images, which actually left a very interesting effect. Apologies to the artist.

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Sexy Spaces at SPACES

    Loved this writeup.  Of all artistic media and genres, those that appeal to me most include contemporary art, abstract art, and surrealism.  We have such voluptuous venues right here in Cleveland to showcase great surrealism and such - MOCA and SPACES are just two such galleries. What I've really enjoyed as a core REALNEO team member along with fellow thought leaders and FOSS (Free Open Source Software) founders Norm and Evelyn is the subtle nuances I've realized regarding fellow beloved brethren on the most socially conscious, stylish, and sexy weblog on earth.  The beauty of a FOSS portal and weblog like REALNEO, masterminded by Mr. Roulet, is the inherent accountability, authenticity, transparency and accessiblity that comes with this demonstrative, dashing Drupal derivative. 

If we can foster greater passsionate and pervasive participation in the NEO arts world we will foster greater levels of economic development.  What I really love about the Star Redevelopment Project and being informed that i would be a core partner and part owner of both the Inner Circle project and the Star development project is that it allows us to lead by example and even LEED by example - to integrate all of the important intellectual property we have collectively raised and developed by following a philosophy of community development that mirrors the very top-of-page taxonomy I first introduced three years ago.  Together REALNEO superstars have worked to execute on this fantastic collectively created and collaboratively driven project.   Innovative Ideas i hope to help  integrate are detailed here.

We hope to not only create a sustainably-developed project in and around the Inner Circle and Star complex, radiating concentric circles of economic development from the star-anchor, but inspire the East Cleveland community with the innovative educational programming, interesting incubators for local entrepreneurs, and to start, good organic goodness and musical fun.  REALNEO starlet Evelyn Keifer, who was recently hired on by Gray's brokerage house and curates the Putnam collection of campus sculptures will be curating our own art gallery in the Star as well and I hope to showcase my own art and those of friends in this socially conscious, sexy space envisioned.  For more, contact the lovely Mrs. Kiefer-Roulet directly.

So if we are to appeal for something now, it is global and local support and the best way to demonstrate this is to come attend our Friday Open House sessions.  This week we have a great session featuring reggae artist and chef extraordinaire Edwin David.  He also happens to be a great grounded spiritual friend and it was fantastic seeing him perform Saturday at Wilbert's , 812 Huron Rd - home of one of the most volumnous and voracious veggie burgers in town.

Hope to see many of you this Thursday to learn about and engage in a positive transformational effort for an underprivileged yet promising people and place.   Peace!

Silliness reigns

Got to love kids.  My own two terror nephews descend upon Cleveland today.  Watch out!  (Just found out the trip has been delayed due to the youngest nephew's new favorite medium, which involved the potty).