I MEANT to post a recipe to make your own laundry soap powder very cheaply

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I MEANT to post a recipe to make your own laundry soap powder very cheaply using a fantastic Mexican laundry soap bar so gentle it can be used on baby clothing and you can use it to bathe with yourself. My sister saw a glowing writeup in the LOUISVILLE COURIER, bought an extra bar for me at Big Lots for all of 88 cents and mailed it to me.

I called Dave's Mercado on Ridge Road to be sure they had it. When told they did, I headed out, only to be disappointed when I got there to find out that they used to carry it but no longer. I asked the manager to please carry some, suggested he print some of the how to use it articles found on the internet above it to increase sales. I've even read some men use it to catch catfish! He has my phone number to call if they do get it. In the meantime, if anyone knows a local store carrying it, please post.

Here is the recipe: to 1 cup of finely grated Zote (roughly half a bar) add l/2 cup of washing soda, not baking soda (I got the last box at the Brookpark Wal-Mart) and 1/2 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax. Feel free to add a few drops(10-15 I've read elsewhere, not what I'd call a few) of your favorite essential oil for different scents, such as lavender and lemongrass. Try adding tea tree oil to towels and sheets as it is a natural antibacterial/antifungal and smells nice to boot! You only need two tablespoons of this in a large load. Store in AIRTIGHT container.

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It is online and it is on ebay as well




and another forum, raving about it, and detials of where it might be sold.



Love natural, saving a dollar and bargins, smile, thanks for the article.  Betty



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Found it!

Although they said they didn't have it when I called, I found both white and pink Zote at Steelyards Wal-Mart, in the laundry aisle near the end by the refrigerated cases. It costs 97 cents for a big, heavy bar.

Recently, I spilled Dr. Pepper on a white cotton duster. It sat for a while, then I wet it, rubbed Zote into it and rubbed it together, then threw it in the wash. Came out without a stain!