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This Friday, July 13, The Inner Circle welcomes you for some Hot Sauce Williams BBQ+ and a discussion on hot developments around East Cleveland. We expect to be joined by Lakewood Observer Publisher Jim O'Brien, to discuss expansion plans from his newspaper. which include a community newspaper for East Cleveland, which I'm helping to develop. I'll share my plans for that, and observations as a new resident of East Cleveland.

A buffet lunch will be available from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - $5 is requested for food and service. The Inner Circle bar will be open all afternoon, and into the evening. I'll be at either The Inner Circle or at 1894 Roxbury from 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM and hope you'll voyage over.

At 1:30 PM and other times in the afternoon, I'll be pleased to take people over to see the 1905, 3,000+ square foot, historically intact Tudor house Evelyn and I are restoring, at 1894 Roxbury, in East Cleveland. Less than one week into the project, we have been thrilled by the house and experience meeting our neighbors and working with the City of East Cleveland.

In particular, the house, which predates most homes in the newer suburbs of The Heights, has massive timbers, solid brass hardware, and - we just determined - cherry trim in many rooms. Much of the stained glass window shown above can be restored and most of the original plaster can be saved... and I've found lots of skilled tradespeople in my neighborhood to help with the restoration at very reasonable prices. If you are into historic homes and the history of Cleveland, it is worth seeing this house with it's bones exposed.

I hope you may join us some time during the day.



The Inner Circle Restaurant, at Hough Bakeries
1519 Lakeview Road
East Cleveland, OH
United States
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Open House Open Opportunity

I'm so there.  Look forward to contributing some of my latest ideas to transform the star transformationally, including the fantastic opportunity to distribute and possibly brew one of the world's finest brews, Guyana's own Banks Beer, out of the complex.  We should be able to be the first regional distributor (there is already a distributor in Brooklyn, NY) of what many regard as the best brew on this or any other planet.   Certainly something to consider carefully.  We should also be happy to have connected the Williams family with the opportunity to sell world class BBQ at Ingenuity in a week's time.l


Ingenuity for East Cleveland continues to progress well, hope we can all collaboratively showcase this, including REALNEO itself...


Pure Happiness

Today's header and yesterday's photo sailboats by Jeff Buster absolutely blow me away!  I really needed something to make me feel happy.  Time to unfurl the spinnakers.  Thanks guys!!

GREAT session !

The gathering at the Inner Circle was a very productive meeting.  Glad to be meeting more and more of both the RealNeO folks, as well as the Inner Circle folks. 

    Jim O'Bryan, as far as I'm concerned, hit a home run because of the WHY's, as well as the how's, of his conceptualization of constructing this "9th estate" engine of people / community empowerment as newspaper.  I really do hope we can get some real, on the ground work done, very very soon.  We need something real and tangible, for the reason of having the palatable sense that something is actually happening for the better in East Cleveland.  Thank you for your vision and vison sharing. 

    Fern - keep the Farmers Market alive.  Hope to be seeing your writings on the subject REAL soon. 

    John (? - sorry don't have names down yet - ?), the real estate guy, thanks for taking alook at EC.  And I will look also, but if you learn something, keep me posted about the house 2 doors down from Norm.

    Norm - we will talk REAL soon.

    Sudhir - great finally meeting you.

    To Greg, Dereck, and the many others ...      WOW!  -  What a great mix of awesomely bright people that bring terrific talents and knowledges.  We can make this work.  (Now remind me of that when I get feed up and discouraged.)

Karen M.   -aka-  KMaCK

You're very welcome

Karen,  It was great having your eclectic energy and clear curiousity apparent in our session and I hope you continue with us in focusedly facilitating one of the most extremely exciting transformational transmutations in the whole wide world manifest most mightily.

Please do come observe much of our world-watching, globally conscious efforts get activated this Thursday at Ingenuity Festival!

A sense of adventure a century ago in East Cleveland?

I believe the ship depicted in the stained glass window at 1894 Roxbury is a caravel - a two or three masted highly manuverable ship that was used by Spanish and Portueges explorers in the 15th century. The Nina and the Pinta were Caravels, the Santa Maria was a Carrack (an older design). What did it mean to whoever built this house? Was he or she bold and daring, patriotic or adventurous? Perhaps this window was not a special commision, but it is more beautiful than the average stained glass prouduce during the aesthetically floundering years between the Victorian Era and Modernism.