Outrage and Socialism

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Evidently, we need a little socialism here in NEO.
Am I the only person outraged by this news?


Under Ohio's plan, you'll pay more to get the stuff delivered,
especially if you burn less of it. That's because the PUCO is
increasing the fixed monthly customer service charge and decreasing old
consumption-based rates. (That's just for delivery. The cost of the gas
itself is separate on your bill.)

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We went off the gas grid a few months ago

The Utilities have great political influence and are under great political pressure - corporations and major customers win in the end... residential customers lose.

If this was socialism, gas would cost much less.

We took our house off gas this year - brrrr - still weatherizing and heating with electric space heaters while we convert to wood - we'll find ways to make life comfortable with one less utility.

Disrupt IT


Conscience is a dog that does not stop us from passing but that we cannot prevent from barking. -Nicolas de Chamfort, writer (1741-1794)

I guess that having a conscience in Corporate America is a liability...


  So TODAY... the Plain Dealer finally decides to SAY that the program is WHACKED.


Ohio's gas-delivery charges are out of whack - editorial

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Can energy conservation ever be bad? Ohio's utility regulators have decided the answer is "yes."

This program apparently operates under the same logic as the City of Cleveland Water Department's Summer Sprinkler program. 

Use more water, pay less!