Robbery at Gunpoint early this morning in Tremont

Submitted by Henry Senyak on Mon, 12/22/2008 - 10:22.
I want to just bring it to everyone's attention unfortunately last night three thugs robbed a employee of the Tremont Tap House at gunpoint in their rear parking lot.
Two African American and one Caucasian jumped out of a parked van that was waiting for the employee when he retrieved something from his parked car. One had a pistol and the other was holding a Ak-47.
They never went inside the tavern. They took the employee's cash, then pistol whipped him once for not telling them he had $60.00 in cash on him.
This was another crime of opportunity, Tremont is safe, but I wanted people to know. This is why I was up late last night. Only a partial license number was seen and given to the police, they sped off going east on Starkweather, more than likely to I-490 and gone.
Just be aware of your surroundings, this even happens in the suburbs. I spoke with the owner, I was listening to the police scanner on and could not believe what I heard. Chris the owner wanted to make sure a police report was taken because he does not want this to re-occur in Tremont.
The thugs was more than likely watching the place and hit on Sunday night/ Monday morning. If they went inside they would have been on video.
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Crime watch

  Thank you Henry--people are starting to act desperately in these desperate times.  We all need to look out for each other.  I was heartened this past week to have my neighbor, who I only really know through interacting with his kids, stop me and tell me about a great sadness that befell their family. 

I wondered why it was important to him to share it with me, but I realized it provides some measure of comfort to him to know that all of us--on the street--should know his situation, because in a small way, we can only look out for each other.  

People watching out for Neighbors

Yes, I totally agree. This is why it is so heartless what happened to Frank Giglio and the others on the hit list in Tremont. In these economic times people would shoot someone for 5-bucks. I am also very disappointed Tremonter went by the wayside. I am sure the well to do in Tremont will blame me. But so many people are being disenfranchised over here that it would be really hard to believe it. Or people like Desiree, I have been on opposite ends of ideas with her sometimes, but all the hard work she has accomplished in Tremont to go up in a puff of smoke becuase some political puppets want to see gentrification. It just upsets me, they never want to see a disenting opinion and lets not talk about putting someone out in the street or helping the homeless.

It seems like reading the other thread that someone may have threatened funding for the blog.  Anyway thanks for your viewpoint.

How much crime is there on the Case campus?

My wife is a Ph.D. candidate and the Assistant to the Curator of the Putman Sculpture Collection, at Case, so she gets all the official Case emails... and just about every day there is a message about very serious crimes on and near Case campus. I'm always surprised not to read about them in the PD (although, since I stopped reading the print version, I may be missing some PD "news"), which has a responsibility to inform Clevelanders about such things as violent crime in our neighborhoods, above and beyond the 'hood.

It seems there is an effort to hush up any news that may reflect poorly on even the intentions of the elite... like gentrifying Tremont or making University Circle a 24 hour affluent destination... making living in NEO very dangerous for all of us.

I believe our leadership has become delusional to a point where they are a danger to the health and well being of all residents here.

Thank you for posting about crime in Tremont.... I go there often and know it is not safe there, or anywhere in Cleveland, and we must always be on our guard... especially in such desperate times.

Have you thought about where poor people will find the money to feed and give good cheer to their families in these "festive" times?

Living in East Cleveland, I do not pretend I am isolated from the reality of the poverty our leadership has institutionalized here, and I want to see all the impacts published daily for all to consider.

Post away here!

I'll start trackng crime in "University Circle" for everyone who isn't in the University Circle Inc. "Inner Circle".

I'd still rather live in the city than the sprawl, and I consider the people in the sprawl even more dangerous than those pulling guns in the city, as a thug may hurt or kill a few people but sprawlers have ruined the world for all.

Disrupt IT

"I believe our leadership

"I believe our leadership has become delusional to a point where they are a danger to the health and well being of all residents here. "

So, given the danger to.. health and well being of all residents.. does that mean we get to condemn them and add to the demolition list?


Sorry, I couldn't resist.