Sammy Catania runs Clark Metro Neighborhood too...WHAT'S UP WITH THIS BRIAN CUMMINS????

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Formerly: Clark Metro
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Known as the “most ethnically diverse area” in the State of Ohio *, Clark-Metro ** offers both strong and unique market opportunities for developers, investors, retailers and tenants of any size. These vibrant, culturally rich and flavorful neighborhoods are home to Latino, Asian, African-American and Italian communities. Clark Metro is a high-density population growth center ripe with opportunity. 14 national / regional franchises are now clustered along a ½ mile section of Clark Avenue. In 2005-06, 8 new businesses (more than 80,000 SF) have opened, primarily in this area. Our commercial core intersection is .4 miles from the MetroHealth campus, and five minutes from downtown.

* (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, citing Year 2000 Census).
** Size of service area is 6 square miles.



  • Population: Approximately 15,000*
  • Households: 5,066
    % owned = 49%
    % rented = 51%
    *Clark Metro & adjacent areas have the greatest overall population density within the City, with 7.9 households per acre, 23.1 persons per acre. (Source: Cleveland Neighborhood Market Drilldown, 2004)
  • Average Household Income: $30,988 - $33,831
    * Source: 2003 Census Projection, “Cleveland Market Drilldown”, Social Compact, 2004.
  • High Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic Counts:
         Clark Ave. 20,000+ Cars/Day. Cross-town traffic. RTA generates 782,300 Riders/Year. # 807 Clark/Tremont Community Circulator is second highest in ridership (out of 10 routes in system). Schools adjacent to Clark have 2,100 students, bringing business and pedestrian vitality along Clark Avenue.
          W 25th St. 26,000 Cars/Day. Commuter route from SW suburbs. RTA: 1,636,000** Riders/Year - 8th highest route (of 48 main routes) in RTA system.
    Sources: Vehicular counts/estimates, Burges & Niple; **RTA 2002, 2003 annual reports.




Tremont West Development Corporation will offer Clark- Fulton- W. 25th Corridor predevelopment, marketing and technical assistance to developers, investors, retailers, and tenants.

Please Contact: Tremont West Development Corporation
2406 Professor Avenue; Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Phone: (216) 575-0920
Contact:: Sammy Cantania, Development Director
E-mail: sammycatania [at] twdc [dot] org



  • Location: 5 minutes from Downtown. 15 minutes to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Direct ramp access to I-90 and I-71. Minutes from I-480, I-76.
  • Public Transportation: RTA routes 20, 20A, 20B, 21x (West 25th St.), 79, 79x (Fulton Rd), 23 (Clark Ave), # 807 Community Circulator (connects Clark Metro – Tremont neighborhoods). Minutes from light rail service to downtown and Hopkins Airport.
  • Current Retail: Steady growth in area population supports 13 national/regional businesses, convenience food chains, and many local businesses. (Family Dollar, US Bank, Charter One Bank, Walgreen’s, Advance Auto, KFC , Burger King, Mr. Hero, Rite Aid, Medic Drug, Dollar Bank, 24-hour McDonald’s)
  • Housing: Existing single family ranging from $ 70,000 to $100,000. New single family from $150,000 and up.
  • Employment Centers: MetroHealth Medical Campus (.4 miles from Clark and 25th) employs 5,000 people. Astrup Awnings (national headquarters), Nestles, Zubal Books, Great Lakes Integrated, numerous small manufacturers / distributors.
    “MetroHealth Neighborhoods” identified as the third largest employment generator in the City of Cleveland (after University Circle area and downtown CBD. Source: WCPN radio / citing Case Western Reserve University study)


Mixed use projects, new residential products, local flavor restaurants, professional services, day care, shoe stores, paper goods, social clubs, car wash, and businesses responsive to growing Latino community. Proximity site opportunities exist on West 25th Street and Clark Ave for related professional services and convenience needs of workers, visitors and commuters.


  • Walk-able neighborhoods. Historic architecture. Affordable housing. Bike commuter route.
  • Many Hispanic cultural, service oriented, and business groups.
  • Concentration of schools and religious organizations.
  • Active citizens and block clubs.
  • Proximity to registered historic district and sites, and artist district.
Building Size
Lot Size
3104 West 25th St.
General Retail Business-2
Retail Space = 3,388 SF Office Space = 7,335 SF
U.S. Bank Building at corner of W. 25th and Clark Ave. Great exposure with off street parking. Near Metro Health Medical Center and with easy access to I-90, I-71, Downtown, Westside Market and Steelyard Commons. For additional information, call Carolyn Smith, Storefront Specialist, at (216) 374-2627.
2709 Clark Ave.
General Retail Business-2

1,200 SF
For Lease

Vacant ground floor in stand-along building. 800 SF apartment above, also vacant. Recently purchased by new owner. Parking available. Good location near 100% intersection. 5 new commercial enterprises have opened in immediate proximity to this site.
2726 W. 25th
General Retail Business-2
700 SF +/-
Vacant retail/office space. Possible expansion. Within structure of 13,000 SF structure, with five residential units.
3070 W. 25th
General Retail Business-2
1080 SF
For Sale
1 storefront, with apartment unit above. Will entertain sale of business with property sale.
3093 W. 25th
Belkin Building
General Retail Business-2
10,594 SF
For Lease
Historic, 3 story mixed-use building with full rehab at 100% intersection. On-street parking. Single or multiple tenants.
3101 W. 25th
FL Thompson Building
General Retail Business-2
22,200 SF
For Lease
Newly renovated space, ready for build-out. 3rd and 4th Floor.
Free parking available.
3151 W. 25th
General Retail Business-2
7,400 SF
For Lease
Vacant former neighborhood theater, with two 700 SF retail bays. Owned by Clark Metro. Adjacent City Land Bank lot can be purchased / developed for parking (23 spaces). Clark Metro has additional parking lot (110 spaces) that can be used if building / site were to be redeveloped for other commercial uses / activities.
3300 Clark Ave.
General Retail Business-2
5,000 SF
For Sale
2 story building - 1st flr storefront with occupied apartments above. Rear parking, plus 3 car garage. Adjacent teardown property for sale. Suggest acquisition for additional parking.
3062 W. 25th
General Retail Business-2
3,000 SF
For Lease
Ideal for restaurant, deli, coffee shop or compatible retail. Parking available
 3023 Clark Ave.
General Retail Business-2
1,000 SF
For Sale
2 story building, 1st floor storefront. Parking is available. Ideal for boutique or artist studio/lofts.
3167 Fulton Rd.
Lin's Omni World, Inc.
Semi Industrial
22,000 SF
For Lease
Recently renovated. 3rd & 4th floor availability. Flexible Interior. High Ceilings. Large windows with panoramic views of Cleveland skyline and surrounding neighborhood. Elevator. Secured parking. Office tenants.
2400 Fulton Rd.
General Industrial
107,865 SF
For Sale
1.04 Acres
Highly Visible Building from I-90, located at West 41st $ 44th Street exit on I-90. 5 Story Warehouse/Shop building with Full Basement.
3062 W. 33rd
Semi Industrial
7,000 SF
7,000 SF
For Lease
Recently renovated warehouse. 2nd and 3rd floors have open interior. Large windows with panoramic views of Cleveland skyline and surrounding neighborhood.Elevator. Secured parking. Office, Live/ Work, Residential.
3179 W. 25th Aragon Ballroom
General Retail Business-2
20,000 SF
For Sale
Historic building with expansive interior space. On-street parking with other nearby options.



For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Tremont West Developmet Corp.
2406 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 575-0920
Contact: Sammy Catania Development Director
sammycatania [at] twdc [dot] org

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Sammy Catania - Warning to Ward 14 residents

link to video showing newest employee of Clark Metro here

Sammy Catania pending criminal charges for assault and menacing





CRIMINAL PRETRIAL has been scheduled with STOKES, ANGELA R. on 10/20/2010 at 3:00 pm


Ward 14 Clark/Metro residents:

Go purchase a video camera asap.  Guy Templeton Black is the fourth known victim of hot-headed Sammy Catania.   I would say that I am surprised that Clark-Metro is willing to assume the liability that comes with Sammy Catania's violent anger issues, but nothing surprises me any more.


SVP Cybersnap 912 9MP Silver Digital <em>Camera</em> and <em>Video Recorder</em> ...

Yes....What's up with this???...


Ward 14 residents are pretty complacent, so they get Sam Catania

Well, since Ward 14 residents are used to getting the SHAFT by the city of Cleveland at large-it is no wonder that somehow, Sammy Catania's name popped up when Clark-Metro was googled.....

Sammy....go away...we don't want our tax dollars funding your position in Ward 14....and this is definite cause to follow up with RECALL ACTIONS in ward 14 immediately!!!! 


GET SAMMY OUT OF W-14..... I DON'T want to hear about him messing with our people like he did to GUY TEMPLETON BLACK!!! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ALLOWING THIS CRIMINAL TO BE A PUBLIC SERVANT UNDER YOU???? 

You all are abusing our tax dollars and HUD Funding practices... damn it!

Do you think we are ignoring your moves, under duress??? 


PETITION TIME REALNEO...I need to lose some more weight...30 lbs wasn't enough! lol.