Teach a Child to Fish

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 Mary Ann Hall

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Clean air, clean water, healthy food--these are the makings of a perfect summer and a perfect childhood.  A reminder: the days are getting shorter.  Make hay.

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summer fun

The days are noticeably shorter. I have been caught up in the adult drudgery of chores of home stuff, seeing kids in droves using the city pool across the street. I felt pangs of envy, while also wishing them happy swims, and ice creams cones.  School starts in a few weeks, and that seems unfair. If you are a kid, and really think about it, school ends in June and resumes in August, so July is really the true break month.  Enjoy what time is left, kids.

Sleep in a tent

Have your children understand what it means to protect themselves from the elements.

REALNEO may get snarky--but it's worth remembering that this site originated as part of the effort to save a whole generation of kids in NEO.

Only--here we don't call them kids...we call them..."fund for our economic future."


How are WE doing NEO?  RealNEO is still here and still trying...

YOU can make a difference--please attend and make your concerns heard--this coming Tuesday, August 10th at the Martin Luther King Branch of the Cleveland Public Library--hearing starts at 4:30 p.m.  See link: