Waste not, Want not. Carnegie Medical Building Interrupted

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 08/13/2009 - 19:04.
Waste not, Want not.  Carnegie Medical Building Interrupted

The Cleveland Clinic continues its decades long emphasis on sterilization.  Today the demolition of the Carnegie Medical Building left this class room - with its drapes, chairs, and tables - a bit interrupted. 

Sustainability.   That's our Creed!  Below is an inside look at Sustainable Cleveland!

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Appalling Demolition--Sustainability ?!

  Was there any attempt to save the architectural details ? 

I second Norm's comments...what about the desk/tables...what a colossal waste.

My friend could have used those chairs...

I was just thinking about what extra furniture I have, for a friend who moved into a new, empty apartment... he could have used those chairs being wasted by the Cleveland Clinic, in these pathetic times.

Seeing things of value treated in this way, by the Clinic, tells me much about why healthcare is in a crisis in America - these people don't even bother pretending they have good sense... don;t even bother hiring good sense consultants to make them LOOK "Sustainable".

This is not "sustainability".

What does this say about the people behind the Opportunity Corridor, which routes past this park-ing-garage to be? That there are rich people here who justify throwing away rooms full of good chairs, using a value scale beyond normal human calculation....

The community could have used these assets, even if too unimportant for the high and mighty here.

This is one of the greatest Real NEO photos ever - good work Buster!

Disrupt IT

Thanks Norm.   Credit not mine

Thanks Norm.   Credit for noticing that the building was being sliced with the interior furnishings completely intact goes to a friend I was with while I was snapping shots.    Sometimes I go into a sort of head trip zone from the digital frenzy - I didn't catch that the chairs were in there hanging on the edge of the demolished floor slab in the late afternoon shadows, until they were pointed out to me.

Everyone sees things a little bit differently.

Sustainability Plan

I suggest those of us interested in this problem  - get together and approach the Cleveland Clinic with a plan.  There are businesses in Cleveland that go into buildings and salvage everything possible but they aren't allowed to without owner permission.  Usually the salvage company pays the property owner a fee plus percentage on salvage.  Anyone interested in working on this can email me.  My mantra is "Less typing/More action"  Kate

Call out Hypocrisy and Ignorant Governance

Hello Kate,  
It seems to me that there are many facets in the civic improvement puzzle. 
Approaching the Cleveland Clinic or the City of Cleveland would be a waste of time, because they have been habitually and systematically destroying the community fabric around Fairfax for about 4 decades -instead of integrating the Clinic into the community in the way that other large institutions, like Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have been forced to do by the civically active Cambridge community.  
 I was holding out hope that one of the demolition businesses would see the light….and salvage.
On the other hand, I don't believe it is a waste of time to call out hypocrisy and ignorant leadership in the community.  
Acknowledging that the King is Naked (and possibly ignorant and corrupt too) is the first step necessary for change.  Lot's of typing and image reporting is necessary.  
Perhaps that  mantra is REAL NEO
Best, jeffb

spot on

And please throw Fairfax Development Corp into this group. (That "opinion" is garnered from hours of knocking door - to door and talking to residents, as well as researching the history of their work).

Kate - please don't assume that many of us are just raving ranters shooting from the hip. Many of us are highly educated and very experienced - and that experience has shown us that this idea of "everybody get together and play nice" often leave the "nice" guys with a tooth missing and broken glasses, experience has shown.... I'm just saying - not trying to be mean...

everyone has a part to play in the effort for change.

Pretty disgusting. Talk

Pretty disgusting. Talk about a throw-away society.

Shocking, lazy, stupid, wasteful, morally bankrupt

  At the very least, the Clinic should have allowed an architectural salvage crew to come in and retrieve the detailing and all of this furniture which could have been put to use.

Instead, this will all end up in a landfill.  Where?  And, what about Cleveland's architectural and design community.  Where are they now?  The silence is deafening.