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As recently as the 1990s, I subscribed to multiple newspapers and cable television for news reporting, costing perhaps $100 per month... filling my hallway with stacks of dead trees and pumping undesirable broadcast spam into my home by coax.  Over the past decade, new technologies have replaced for me all the functionality offered by copper cables, newsprint and mainstream media in the past, expanding the value of information, and what mainstream media I do access is on-line, real-time, and converged to free multimedia accessible by multiple wired and wireless platforms via open source technologies.

As a regular NYTimes.com reader for over a decade, I consider their portal a gold standard of mainstream news technology strategy, and they are now producing a news webcast program called TimesCast that is featured on their homepage - it seems they have been doing this since March 22, 2010. It is far from optimal, but it is NYTimes TV, for now. What will NYTimes TV look like in 2011?


TimesCast | May 21, 2010

In today's Timescast, a look at how financial reform affects consumers, baseball and race examined in a new Hank Aaron biography and the Executive Producer of 'Lost' talks about the last episode.

Cleveland.com features video clips found on their home page, and there is a directory of video clip categories, but it is not clear what is the strategy for the long term development of this content or capability.

I'm more likely to watch TimesCast, but most Cleveland.com visitors seem interested in sports, and cleveland.com has timely feature video content for them.

It will be the convergence of all this rich content that will make the Internet truly effective and dynamic, like at a site featuring the global perspectives of TimesCasts with the local insight of Starting Blocks, like offered here today on realNEO. Enjoy realNEO Glocal TV....

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