AUDITIONS Cleveland School of the Arts

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Cleveland School of the Arts

will be holding auditions

for K-6th grade student admissions

Saturdays, February 2nd and 9th

8:00 AM -11 :00 AM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

2064 Stearns Rd. Cleveland OH

NOTE : Please call 216.361.0708 for additional information

Committed To Fostering Growth  Through Interaction With The Cultural Arts.
Our Children.  Our Community.  Our Future.


Cleveland School of the Arts
2064 Stearns Rd
Cleveland, OH
United States

Scary smart

  Okay--you guys--and you know who you are--use your smarts for good not evil! Thanks for coming in to the library and showing an interest in how to organize and find information in libraries.  Feel free to broadcast your images and ideas via RealNEO.  Spread the word and link us to your websites.  See you when the manga comes in.

Call backs!

Dear School of the Art Judges--

Just letting you know how happy two of our regulars were to get their call backs today.  Natasha and Jesus...made it to the second round!!!!

Natasha ran into the library today with her yellow call back slip.  "I made it!!!"  Just like American Idol.  She said that the judges are TOUGH, just like Simon Cowell.  Natasha has the show time good looks and confidence, but she knows that she also needs to be able to read and write well.  Her life at home is not always easy, but she is determined to make it all the way.

She came into the community room while I was working with a young mom, who is desperately trying to encourage her eight-year-old son to read.    Mom and son Hadji, were frazzled and crying.  Natasha told Hadji to read Captain Underpants.  She made a deal with him and they are meeting up next week, so Hadji can tell her about Captain Underpants.

Let's hope that there is a happy ending to this story.


  Natasha also showed me her recent social experiment.  She conducted a survey to determine whether voting participation among different age groups would increase, if people were allowed to vote on line.  Intriguing proposal!  Interesting results.  She's a creative gal.  Just the type of student thinker we need in these parts.  Hint, hint :)