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On February 11 the Dirty Dealer editorial page endorsed the prospect of the Eaton Corporation installing itself in a "campus" in the RTA waterfront line "loop" location depicted in the photo above, ie. on the north-east bank of the Cuyahoga and on the Lake  Erie side of the CSX tracks.

The DD castigated Mr. Wasserman:

"Adam Wasserman, the ambitious man who has headed the Port Authority for a little more than a year, has not been helpful enough so far."

Maybe Mr. Wasserman has sense enough to see that filling the Cleveland waterfront with panicky piecemeal development is stupid.

Where is the masterplan for the waterfront?  Is there one?  Doesn't sound like it matters to the DD.   Moving Eaton from its present downtown office to a new "campus" is like moving deck chairs  on the Titanic.   As for Eaton Corp and their excitement about relocating the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority waterfront loop and relocating the cement silos - what company wouldn't want to cherry pick the best spot on the Cleveland waterfront - looking over the Cuyahoga River boat channel with unimpeded views of Lake Erie?


The bottom line in the DD endorsement is PANIC - panic that Cleveland is dying and therefore any type of "development"  must be accommodated right away.

Desperation:  that's what our Cleveland "Urban Planning" really boils down to.

But looking at Eaton's intentions from the vantage point of Ed Hauser and Whiskey Island and Wendy Park, maybe luring Eaton  into a willy nilly jump from downtown Cleveland wouldn't be a bad idea.  After all, that new shiney Eaton "campus" right down wind from  the Cleveland Bulk Terminal would  surely raise a real ruckus if the CBT tried to expand with new dusty limestone operations.   And the proposal for the CBT to expand and add more limestone (to sell to electric power plants for flue gas desulferization) is still an active proposal.

So CBT wants dusty limestone storage, and Eaton wants a svelt new "campus" - these incompatable agendas demonstrate  only one reason why we need a masterplan, and we need to follow it with the public on board.

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Where are the "Urban Planners"

Fire Sale is putting it kindly... a more accurate expression of development in NEO is raping and pillaging... as the powers that were are leaving NEO they are looting the coffers, raping the people, and leaving the lights on burning high cost, high sulfer coal with no tax base to rebuild anything, and carpetbaggers at the helm. Happy City? For a few dirty rats and many fools.

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