"Industrial wind, corporate vandalism" Another conscientious view

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 02/11/2007 - 15:58.

Here http://www.aweo.org/Lake.html  is another viewpoint on wind turbines which I take seriously, in particular regarding the inconsistent bi-polar goals of corporations and the need for conservation.  I can't give credit to the author because though I Googled I can't get back to original newspaper publication.  Please post author if anyone can.

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the author's name is

The author's name is Eric Rosenbloom. He is one of many authors represented on this website of the Industrial Wind Energy Opposition. Their website is www.aweo.org. Here you will find many articles opposing wind energy. It seems to be the collected sites also found with a google search of Industrial wind Energy opposition.

The author's name

 Joanna Lake, not Eric Rosenbloom, is the author of "Industrial wind, corporate vandalism."

sorry Eric

I apologize, Eric. I was reading A Problem With Wind Power after I read the 

Industrial wind, corporate vandalism and copied the wrong name.

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