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Submitted by DesireeSchmitt on Sat, 12/27/2008 - 10:52.

I need some I/T help.  Yes, I know I posted that I used to be in I/T, but I had such a bad experience with local government that I walked away.  And left all my geek skills behind me.

So, I'm in dire need of help.  I have a computer at the shop that needs more memory... in a bad, urgent way.

I also have a laptop that's MS Registry is bad.  I need to save my data and have the instructions to do so, it's just over my head these days and I have a million other things to do...

Any referals? 

jeff schuler and rick chadwell

My best referrals for computer related stuff:

Jeff Schuler has helped me immensely and is the tech brain behind realneo. You can contact him through the contact form on his member profile here. Just click on his live linked name and when his profile opens, click the contact tab and send him an email.

My other best computer guy is Rick Chadwell. I wrote about him here: Al’s and Mel’s Movers and Computer Guy

Both gentlemen are indeed gentlemen and calm when you're wondering if any of your data can be retrieved, if any files you rely on are still there intact and whether or not you might see those photos again. Good guys, above board, responsive, affordable and reassuring in the face of imminent disaster.

Awesome!  Thanks!

Awesome!  Thanks!