Moving in America - FREE TRASH

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 05/23/2012 - 22:10.

The image isn't of an eviction or foreclosure.   The image is a graduation image.   Rent for a year, move on.  

Everything is cheap in America.    Cheap to buy, cheap to trash.   

These folks put all their furniture out on the curb - their young son was concerned and put up the paper signs - 


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Praveenip's wireless doesn't come up tonight - they're gone


School isn't out until June 12th, so the 6th grade daughter, the girl with the thick glasses, and the 8th grade boy (who's my friend) both won't get to see their friends on the last day of school head off for summer vacation. 
The family is from India.  
I don't know the boy's name.  I don't even know his name!   Pretty pathetic.  I have lived near him for a year.  
I helped him get his basketball out of the high bushes.
But last night - I knew the time was getting short – everything left in their house was out on the curb - they were moving.  I gave the boy my email.  
He asked me what the high school in San Francisco was like.
So here I am, with an anxious prospective 9th grader from India, asking me about school (next fall) in California.
Frankly, I choked up.
Can you imagine being a kid (dark skinned) from India coming to the United States – and your parent's schedule doesn’t let you stay in school til the last day?  
So when he asked me about the schools in SF,  I told him:   You are an Ambassador. 
You know more about the world than most of the people in San Francisco.
His sister’s glasses frames are bright blue...
I find all this very emotional.  
Am I missing something?
"knowing" your neighbors by their wireless signal. 
We are in a big mess...