Politicians snubbing the City Club

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 10/14/2006 - 16:58.

Shame on Dennis Kucinich, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Terrence O'Donnell and Barbara Sykes for snubbing the City Club of Cleveland and denying the democratic process

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Tubbs-Jones and Barbara Sykes

Well, Stephanie has agreed to do a meet.the.bloggers* interview. Barbara Sykes spent an hour talking with us. Mike Dovilla did the same. Perhaps even candidates are tired of the gotcha politics debate-fueled mass media perpetuates. Though that doesn't explain why Dennis Kucinich hasn't agreed to sit with us on mtb.

FYI, Meet The Bloggers interviews are always open to the public. Anyone interested in participating in the dialog is more then welcome to attend. Not to slight the City Club, because it has a rich history, but several people have described what we do as "a new, better kind of City Club".

Tides of change in politics

It does seem candidates are tired of old ways of doing things, like the City Club debates, and I'm glad to see some are embracing new ways and media. You are to be commended for making Meet the Bloggers such a valuable part of the process. What I'm still waiting for is a politician who really uses technology well to connect with the issues and public... the first real "tech native" candidate. It shall come.

Disrupt IT

City Club of Cleveland

There is something to be said for the tradition of public speech, and the City Club provides an honorable and nationally recognized tradition of civic dialogue in this region. 

The City Club is one of the many civic institutions we need to preserve in the region.  Has it adapted to the new technology? Yes. 

If politicians snub the process, they do so because they fear they will measured by their inferior speaking abilities.  To not participate is an affrontry to all of us.