If you live in Cleveland...Do you plan to:

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I voted other

There are a lot of reasons that I stay in Cleveland. The potholes are getting to me :)

POTHOLES are UNACCEPTABLE to Bicycles & Pedestrians

The countless times that a homeless guy who rides his bike down Fulton from around Denison Avenue have resulted in his bike flipping due to pot holes is simply unacceptable...

....and to think that "they" allegedly want to make all these areas "BIKE FRIENDLY" is quite the joke! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

and potholes are dangerous, too

they can flip a bicyclist right into the path of a car or truck, too.  Every spring, we go through the pothole cycle, but this year is the worst that I can remember. The City saying that it may be July before they can patch the majority of potholes, and some streets are pretty much not drivable for cars or cyclist now.

Make the calls to 664-2000 and COMPLAIN about POTHOLES...


First come, first served.....when the money's gone; we won't get our potholes fixed...

OF COURSE, That IS NOTHING NEW IN WARD 14... We are the quotas that get these leaders all of these federal funding allocations and then we are the ones who get neglected and targeted... QUOTAS..>They need complaining citizens...

Those potholes blew out my tires over a dozen times over the last couple years here on the westside....I also had my entire front axle blow out on the one pot hole near Denison/Fulton... Do you think that they'd repay me for all the costs to the damages to my car???? Should I send them the bill for the repairs? ...


Oh yes...they want all the people's cars to be in disrepair...then they can ticket them some more! Isn't it funny? More QUOTAS! 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"