Join small group of people changing the world by eradicating lead poisoning in NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 05/29/2006 - 14:45.


I saw this posted at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries at a meeting planning a rally for lead awareness to be staged in downtown Cleveland - meeting at Tower City around 11 AM and marching to City Hall for presentations and enlightenment at noon - July 19th at Cleveland Hall Rotunda - please let me know if you'd like to help in the planning and logistics by posting here or emailing norm [at] realinks [dot] us - more info to post to  REALNEO soon.

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Lead Rally Planning

I am completely behind this effort, and the city should be as well.  I hope the city will consider subsidizing the cost of lead testing of both places and individuals- or better yet, Sherwin Williams could (should!) generate a special fund for these purposes-  and institute a concerted public awareness campaign that includes not only billboards but television and radio programming as well. Perhaps that programming could include 'how-to' pieces on testing. 

I would like to help cultivate support for this cause, some groups at Case have reacted favorably to working on this issue and I'll start there.  

Connecting Case and Lead Rally

Excellent, Sudhir - network at Case. There are many Case connections with GCLAC and the more the better. Also, work on raising awareness among sustainability, education, healthcare and social change leaders in general - this is not about one child but all children, and they effect everyone. There are two planning meetings coming up for the lead rally - I'll post the info later today.