Lead Awareness March from Public Square to Mall C, and Lead Education Rally

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July 17 – 21 is Ohio Lead Awareness Week. We would like to invite you to participate in the March for Lead Safe Living. This event is planned by the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council to make people aware of the issues of childhood lead poisoning, and to let people know that we can do a better job in eliminating these problems. The Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council, co-chaired by the Cleveland Department of Public Health, Cuyahoga County Board of Health, and Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, along with over fifty community partners, is committed to eliminating childhood lead poisoning by the year 2010.

Lead poisoning is one of the most serious public health concerns facing children in Cuyahoga County. In Cuyahoga County, nearly 2000 children fell victim to lead poisoning in 2004! Brain damage, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, trouble paying attention, and aggressive and violent behavior are just a few of the future-robbing effects of lead poisoning.

On Wednesday, July 19th, from 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M., there will be a gathering of people from the many walks of life expressing their support to end childhood lead poisoning in the Greater Cleveland area.

Lead poisoning can be prevented and we want every concerned citizen to express their support to prevent and end lead poisoning. Won’t you join us at Public Square on July 19th. People will gather at Public Square at 10:30 A.M. for a rally. We will then walk to Mall C by Cleveland’s City Hall and hear community voices about the impact of lead to our neighborhoods and our children. A lead awareness health fair will end the March in Mall C.

Please join us on July 19 for the March for Lead Safe Living. Our children all deserve Lead Safe Living. We need your voice. We need your support. For more information please contact me at 216.664.4676.

Cordially, Christine Haley Medina - Director, Lead Safe Living Campaign


Public Square and Mall C, next to Cleveland City Hall Cleveland, OH
United States
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Lead Poison Week marks 109 years of awareness

While the United States did not outlaw lead in paint until the late 1970s, it has been known by doctors for 109 years of the damaging effects of lead on children - first published on the 20th October 1897 in Brisbane, Australia. It is valuable to note, in this article from down under, the little publicized fact that "Parents of young children need to be aware of the issue, particularly when renovating" and "The most common cause of lead poisoning is the dust from old lead paint or ceiling dust disturbed during renovations of pre 1970 homes."

Lead Poisoning Awareness Week marks Centenary

Media release of: Deputy Premier, Minister for Health, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Dr Andrew Refshauge.

"The Carr Government is working to raise awareness of the threat lead poses to children.

"This is an important health message. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the recognition of the damaging effects of lead on children.

"On the 20th October 1897 a Brisbane doctor published the world's first medical article detailing childhood lead poisoning.

"To mark that anniversary, 1 am delighted to launch Australia's first Lead Poisoning Awareness Week.

"The most common cause of lead poisoning is the dust from old lead paint or ceiling dust disturbed during renovations of pre 1970 homes.

"It is children who are most at risk from lead which can cause damage to the brain, kidney, liver and nervous system.

"In an effort to protect children, the Carr Government funds the NSW Lead Advisory Service which receives more than 300 calls a month from people concerned about the effects of lead.

"I am delighted that the NSW Government has recognised the importance of the lead poisoning problem,' said Michelle Calvert of the Lead Advisory Service. "Parents of young children need to be aware of the issue, particularly when renovating.

"Elizabeth O'Brien, Co-ordinator of The LEAD Group, a non profit organisation dedicated to eliminating childhood lead poisoning said "The NSW Government is to be applauded for its initiative and efforts to deal with what is often referred to as the 'Silent Epidemic' of lead poisoning. It is estimated that 3.5. million homes in Australia were built prior to 1970 and therefore pose the threat of lead dust and paint and yet only the NSW Government is undertaking a major commitment to educating and protecting their residents

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