Ride The wind

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 06/16/2006 - 15:54.


I sent this to the GCRTA in February and again in May to a couple people who were suggested as appropriate.  I have never received a response.





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Do you know of any non profits in the community who are collaborating on intiatives?

Submitted by William on Tue, 06/13/2006 - 19:09.

'Non profits are not working together', is a statement I hear almost on a daily basis.  I actually don't agree with this statement.  I think this problem has been changing in the last 5 years in NEO.  There are many non-profits who have come together (without force from funders to collaborate).  I think the non-profit community has done a bad job in highlighting these collaborations to the community at large.


Where's this lead hazard? Don't ask Sherwin Williams

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 06/09/2006 - 23:23.



One of the defenses of the paint and lead industries against litigation over lead poisoning is the paint companies claim there is no way to identify which paint company made which lead paint - they claim is is all one big public nuisance and deny any responsibility.

National Parks to Start Charging Photographers Location Fees

Submitted by Charles on Thu, 06/08/2006 - 01:15.

According to new rules released by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the National Parks will begin charging fees of $150 per day to film, video and comercial photography projects, accroding to the National Press Photographers Association.  These fees  could total up to $500 per day when monitoring and additional costs are assessed. The fees took effect May 15th.

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Proctor to speak at NOACA Summit

Submitted by Ed Hauser on Mon, 06/05/2006 - 15:31.
06/09/2006 - 09:30
06/09/2006 - 14:00

Gordon Proctor
The Northeast Ohio Area Coordination Agency's (NOACA) 7th Annual Summit, "Exploring Our Region's Potential," will be held Friday, June 9, 2006. The Summit will focus on transportation, economic development, and air and water quality issues in Northeast Ohio. Lee Fisher (D) and Representative Tom Raga (R), candidates for lieutenant governor, will present their plans for economic development in Ohio and the region. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The Summit begins at 9:30 a.m. and runs to about 2 p.m.


Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center
2000 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH
United States

Volunteers for Ingenuity Festival of Art and Technology

Submitted by MShafarenko on Fri, 06/02/2006 - 11:46.

In its second annual premiere, iNGENUiTY is a festival of art and technology taking place in Downtown Cleveland from July 13 – 16. The festival showcases the work of local artists, musicians, dancers, actors and other performers in a series of exhibits, performances and exciting venues. In its inaugural year, the festival attracted over 70,000 participants.

Cuyahoga Valley Initiative update and vision

Submitted by Susan Miller on Wed, 05/31/2006 - 13:02.
06/01/2006 - 16:00
06/01/2006 - 17:30

You are invited to attend a presentation and discussion of important progress in the Cuyahoga Valley Initiative (CVI). It will conclude Rocky Mountain Institute's (RMI) work on CVI and describe the next steps to success as CVI begins to run on its own legs.


The Watermark (Hausheer Building)
1250 Old River Road
Cleveland, OH
United States

The Future of Food -documentary

Submitted by Martha Eakin on Tue, 05/30/2006 - 18:24.
06/03/2006 - 15:30
06/03/2006 - 17:00

   This documentary will be shown twice, with a discussion after each showing.
1st show 3:30
2nd show 6:00

"There is a revolution going on in the farm fields and on


2521 Market Ave
Ohio City, OH
United States

2006 Lead Awareness Week Rally July 19 in downtown Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 05/29/2006 - 20:15.


 Wednesday, July 19, a rally will be held in downtown Cleveland to expand awareness of the critical community health, education and economic crisis of lead poisoning. The rally will begin by the Old Stone Church on Public Square, where supporters will convene for a march to Cleveland Mall C, next to Cleveland City Hall - there will be presentations on lead and other appropriate activities...

Join small group of people changing the world by eradicating lead poisoning in NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 05/29/2006 - 14:45.


I saw this posted at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries at a meeting planning a rally for lead awareness to be staged in downtown Cleveland - meeting at Tower City around 11 AM and marching to City Hall for presentations and enlightenment at noon - July 19th at Cleveland Hall Rotunda - please let me know if you'd like to help in the planning and logistics by posting here or emailing norm [at] realinks [dot] us - more info to post to  REALNEO soon.

Green Wash Should Be On Your Radar Screen

Submitted by Zebra Mussel on Fri, 05/26/2006 - 08:06.
Green Wash Should Be On Your Radar Screen

These days green wash comes in many flavors, colors, and varieties.    There are even a few colorful local examples we have been tracking for some time now at Buckeye Sustainability Institute.  Anyone have some good examples of their own they would like to share?

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Port Access Only - no public entry - when is the independent study due out?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 05/24/2006 - 01:42.
Port Access Only - no public entry - when is the independent study due out?

It astounds me to go to one of the only spots downtown with a view of the lake and see the mess built by the city, port and community leaders in just the last decade or so - and they talk about a lakefront plan, with this mess on their hands. As Steven Fong (Dean of Architecture at Kent) said, before taking on master plans, do a few smaller things well. Well, here are acres of blocked off lakefront - acres of shabby surface parking lots - a disgrace. And a road to the lake has a big concrete barrier, 8 foot chainlink fence, and unfriendly signs everywhere. We love you too.

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Ethanol: Myths and Realities

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 18:51.

With high gas prices making alternative fuels increasingly attractive, no alternative fuel has received as much attention as ethanol. Some hail the fuel, which can be derived from plants including corn, wheat, barley and sugarcane, as a savior of American energy policy, while others see it as a fad popularized by its heavily subsidized corporate backers."

UPDATE- Cleveland Innerbelt Project

Submitted by Ed Hauser on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 13:18.

Bridge in France

The ODOT Cleveland Innerbelt Project's- Project Development Process (PDP) & Public Involvement Process (PIP) seem to be in limbo since the last public meeting on November 17, 2005.  ODOT's and City of Cleveland's PDP & PIP Schedule has not been followed and appears to be five (5) months behind schedule.  The "Alternatives Report" and the "Economic Impact Analysis" were scheduled to be completed in December 2005, for public review and comment.  THE REPORT AND ANALYSIS - DO NOT EXIST AT THIS TIME.  Even though the general public has been effectively removed from the public processes, a lot of activity has been going on since November 2005.  Below is a brief update on some of those activities.  Please visit www.neobridge.net to participate in this community discussion and to get the latest updates on OUR Cleveland Innerbelt Project.

Which has bigger footprint? Econoline-Porsche

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 05/21/2006 - 17:33.
Which has bigger footprint? Econoline-Porsche

I thought this was an interesting pairing - which has the better eco footprint - a hard working Ford Econoline Van or a hard playing Porsche cabrio. Unlese you need to haul lots of ladders, you get much better mileage with the Porsche... but the sustainability of the commute from Palm Beach to Shaker Heights is another matter...

Hummer of the Day: saving a few bucks at East Cleveland Silvermans

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 05/21/2006 - 16:18.
Hummer of the Day: saving a few bucks at East Cleveland Silvermans

If you're going to have a Hummer, the blue seems most up-beat and friendly. And I guess I'd rather see a Hummer driver shopping in East Cleveland than anywhere else... unless this is the owner of Silvermans, and he/she can afford a Hummer 'cause he overvcharges everyone... I'll see if it's there regularly

Highlander Hybrid claims around 30 mpg

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 05/21/2006 - 09:12.
Highlander Hybrid claims around 30 mpg

I saw two Toyota Highlander Hybrids on May 19th, 2006 - the first day I even noticed they exist - now I'm paying more attention to all the iron around me. I looked up buyer feedback online and it seems this vehicle delivers below the claimed 30 mpg, and most buyers gripe it is overpriced, but owners also feel better about themselves for trying to make a difference in the environment

Hummer double parked on Huron - May 19, 2006

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 05/21/2006 - 01:51.
Hummer double parked on Huron - May 19, 2006

About the size of the Fed Ex truck it double parked behind, and probably worse for the environment - taking road hog to new high.

Welcome to the Less Gass Memorial Image Gallery

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 05/21/2006 - 01:45.
Welcome to the Less Gass Memorial Image Gallery

Here are photos of icons of our times of environmental crisis and transformation, where humans still must fight to share the roads with Hummers, and social sonsciousness in America is at an astounding low... see what such a world looks like, starting May 20, 2006.

Most days, A.J. Rocco's is bike central downtown

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/20/2006 - 22:23.
Most days, A.J. Rocco's is bike central downtown

Here on a typical nice spring day, there are several messengers, commuters and pleasure riders around A.J. Rocco's - also featuring a "Share the Road" bike - share the love.

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Catching up with new economy superstars, now living in East Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/20/2006 - 20:45.

While looking for lead testing kits and information in East Cleveland, at Silvermans, I slipped into paparazzi mode as I spotted three future leaders of our NEO new economy, chilling on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. They let me snap their pictures, which will be worth a fortune when these guys are famous. It can happen, when we keep our kids lead free.

Brush with lead poison - day 1: Interpreting Blood Lead Test Results Difficult

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/20/2006 - 00:46.
Sherwin Williams ISKO

My son just turned one and we had him lead tested - the pediatrician's office called to report the results are less than 3 micrograms per deciliter - no level of lead is safe, and 3 µg/dL is certainly harmful.

In defense of the cormorant -- and ethical journalism

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Fri, 05/19/2006 - 08:54.

I was so offended by the article the Plain Dealer ran on the cover Tuesday: "Ravenous birds facing last meal in Ohio soon" that I feel the need to post some factual inormation about cormorants. It is not that I necessarily oppose reducing the population of these birds -- what the article is essentially about -- its the over the top, purple prose I find insulting. i.e. "the cormorants look like prehistoric lizard-birds designed by Edgar Allan Poe on a bad night." Is this a phrase that belongs in Cleveland's daily paper or a cheap tabloid?  Why does reporter Bill Sloat want to make us hate these birds, and does he think readers are so impressionable? Can't he just tell us the facts? There is actually an interesting story here -- about the human impact on nature.

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Whiskey Island - RiverDay 2006 Event - Saturday May 20

Submitted by Ed Hauser on Fri, 05/19/2006 - 06:18.

Whiskey Island RiverDay Event

 Celebrate the Region's Newest Waterfront Park - Wendy Park at Whiskey Island

"A Bug Bash": Celebrating 40 Years of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 05/15/2006 - 11:17.
06/25/2006 - 16:00
06/25/2006 - 19:00

The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes is flying ack to the sxities with swams of activities:
All you Tree Huggers and Flower Children are guaranteed a Rockin' good time!

* Groove to the live music of renowned children's musician Justin Roberts


Nature Center at Shaker Lakes
2600 South Park Boulevard Parking available on the street
Shaker Heights, OH
United States