Poetry may cure your ills

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 10/30/2008 - 21:27.

I have a feeling I know who wrote this post at Cleveland Public Library, but I won't out that person. It's so true. If you are feeling out of sorts at this time of year, try POETRY.

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Why isn't Cleveland on the list? We have great African Art here!

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 12:41.

 Benin Bronze, Head of an Oba, Cleveland Museum of Art

The new sculpture in town - Murase Associates/Robert Murase for RTA

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 10/22/2008 - 00:58.

You may have noticed a group of golden brown rectangular stones swelling out of the ground in the Euclid Avenue median across from Severance Hall. I don't have a good photo yet, but I will post one soon. The work is by Murase Associates founded by Robert Murase (1938-2005) a Japanese American landscape architect.

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Michael Stephen Levy: The Black Church Project

Submitted by abanco on Fri, 10/17/2008 - 08:45.
10/28/2008 - 17:00
12/14/2008 - 14:00

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Mandel JCC Cabaret Series: Lev Polyakin & Russian Blue Jazz Trio

Submitted by Where4ARThou on Mon, 10/13/2008 - 10:35.
10/18/2008 - 20:30
10/18/2008 - 22:30

Stonehill Auditorium, The Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland
26001 South Woodland Rd, Beachwood OH 44122

Tickets $15
To purchase:
Visit The Mandel JCC
Call (866) 546-1358
Order on-line at
(Transaction fees will be added to phone and online orders.)

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A Passion for Nature: The Art of William E. Scheele

Submitted by Susan Miller on Wed, 10/08/2008 - 12:44.
10/15/2008 - 17:00
10/15/2008 - 21:00

Museum Exhibition Showcases Works of Nature Artist, Former Director

Alfredo Arreguin: Universal Patterns

Submitted by wmgs086008 on Tue, 10/07/2008 - 16:39.
Alfredo Arreguin: Universal Patterns

AlfredoArreguin: Universal Patterns


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Art of the Day: "The Beauty of Damage" of Christopher Pekoc, by Thomas Ball, Henry Adams and Bernie Sokolowski

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 20:11.

You don't need to know anything about an artist, his inspiration or the construction of his art to love it.

The 24th Annual Fine Print Fair

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 09:09.
09/27/2008 - 10:00
09/28/2008 - 16:00

largest and most comprehensive exhibition of fine prints, begins
Friday, September 26, 2008 with an opening night benefit preview and
continues Saturday, September 27 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Sunday,
September 28 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Cuyahoga Community College’s
Corporate College located at 4400 Richmond Road in Warrensville Heights

New Works

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 09/13/2008 - 09:59.
09/27/2008 - 12:00
09/27/2008 - 20:00

New WorksRiver Gallery

19046 Old Detroit Rd.

Rocky River, Oh 44116

440 331 8406


River Gallery
19046 Old Detroit Rd.
Rocky River, OH
United States
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Homage to Sarah Palin ...

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Fri, 09/12/2008 - 10:49.
In a recent interview with some of Governor Palin's girl friends from Alaska it was mentioned that she does not like cats. I am thinking of starting an organization "Cat Lovers Against Palin" Sam, above, will be our mascot.
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Reviving some of East Cleveland History, The Star Baking Company and Hough Bakeries

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 09/11/2008 - 07:18.


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Weapons of Mass Construction " Paradigm Shift "

Submitted by KMonoxide on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 13:44.
09/12/2008 - 18:00
09/12/2008 - 22:00

Weapons of Mass Construction "Paradigm Shift" group show @ Vision Art Gallery. Opening reception Friday, Sept. 12th from 6pm-10pm

Keith Marlowe, Amy Casey, Arabella Proffer, Sean Burns, Bob Peck, Donald Black jr., Many more.

Vision Art Gallery
410 E.156th Street, Collinwood, OH 44110


Vision Art Gallery
410 E. 156th Street
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Bread and Puppet Theater

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sat, 09/06/2008 - 08:44.
09/21/2008 - 15:00
09/21/2008 - 17:00

Bread and Puppet Theater here at Coventry Schoolyard during their last visit to Cleveland.


Coventry Schoolyard
Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
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Submitted by Roldo on Thu, 09/04/2008 - 13:49.

I noticed that the film industry now wants some significant subsidies to locate film work in Cleveland and that Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration wants to accommodate these desires.

(By the way, the County Arts & Culture tax has produced $12.7 million this year and $29.8 million since Feb. 2007. Shouldn’t there be enough there for any real film needs?)

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I GRO Cleveland: Greening Browns

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 08:37.
I GRO Cleveland: Greening Browns

If an apple a day keps the doctor away, what is the economic value to Northeast Ohio of bringing fresh, local fruits and vegetables to poor, unhealthy, underserved inner city places like The Star Neig

Sculpture in Let It Bee Gardens

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 08/29/2008 - 15:21.
08/29/2008 - 17:00
08/29/2008 - 20:00


Let It Bee Gardens - corner of Ashbury and East Blvd.
1387 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH

Library of the Day: Cleveland Heights Lee Road Branch, Reinvented by Studio Techne

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 19:24.
Library of the Day: Cleveland Heights Lee Road Branch, Reinvented by Studio Techne

I've used the Cleveland Heights library on Lee Road since the 1970s, and can say with confidence the recent Studio Techne reinvention of this facility transformed the space, site, and surrounding neighborhood for the better. Featuring a dramatic, high-art bridge over Lee Road, and two reused buildings - one signficantly modernized - with crisp, fitting site improvements, this is one of the best library facilities and urban redevelopments in Northeast Ohio.


Art of the Day: City Xpressions08

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 09:56.

City Xpressions 2008 Fan Dancing

Huge props to the many artists, MCs, DJs, bboys-and-girls, organizers and 100s of real NEOans who turned out for the 7th annual City Xpressions Street Art Festival, August 23, 2008, at West 25th and Lorain, Cleveland. A perfect summer day - great happy crowd - creative vibe and entertainment - and some spectacular urban art. While there weren't as many artists as the last year I attended, what showed was diverse and often pure genius.

City Xpressions 2008

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 10:21.
City Xpressions 2008

August 23, 2008, was the City Xpressions 2008 arts and culture festival, at W. 25th Street and Lorain... one of my favorite annual events in the region... more photos to come!

Art of the Day: Houghs Angel, by Harry Bell

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 23:14.

 Hough's Angel, by Harry Bell

Harry Bell is a powerful urban artist, well appreciated in Cleveland and beyond. His most famous work I know is the Wall of Sorrows, recently dismantled, under controversy, and now in storage... scheduled for future re-installation. You may know his current work from cruising through Cedar and E.55th, where he is commissioned by a gas station and car dealership to create urban art on their walls, now including the work-in-progress shown above... a memorial tribute to "Houghs Angel", Fannie Lewis, rest in peace.

Not So Secret Agents Of Change, Flobots Concert Rises Above Mean Spirit of Unreal NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 11:30.

Thanks to Sudhir, I had the opportunity to check out the Flobots at Peabody's, Sunday night. If I'd browsed the Cleveland Scene Magazine concert preview, beforehand, I probably wouldn't have bothered going. The 100s of fans who enjoyed the show agreed that would have been a mistake.

Give yourself a thoughtful GIFT

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 08/18/2008 - 15:23.
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