The "State of Indian Nations" Address Examines Native American Issues - its not R - republican D - democrat its I - for indian

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VIDEO - The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) President Jefferson Keel delivered the annual "State of Indian Nations" Address Thursday morning, just two days after President Obama's "State of the Union" Address.

Mr. Keel spoke to a live studio audience of tribal citizens and leaders, Congressional employees, federal government officials, students and advocates. Representative Tom Cole (R-OK), an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation, provided the Congressional response.

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Ohio EPA Extends Public Comment Period for Cleveland Public Power’s Proposed Gasification Plant

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02/23/2012 - 13:00
02/23/2012 - 13:59

Ohio EPA Extends Public Comment Period Regarding Draft Air Permit for
Cleveland Public Power’s Proposed Gasification Plant

The public comment period concerning a draft air permit for a proposed municipal solid waste gasification plant in Cleveland has been extended to February 23, 2012.


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Staying warm--underground.

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Claude Cornett's testimony at Estabrook Rec Center 1.9.2012

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The public testimony of the Ohio EPA hearing held at Estabrook included exhaustive research by Claude Cornett.  This testimony is available here:

Other comments submitted for the record will be updated to this site once the Ohio EPA mails the testimony to me.


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Cleveland Metroparks in 2012

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 Laura McShane
I live very close to Brookside Park, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park--I can walk to all of  these great public amenities, which in my mind, makes my neighborhood an appealing and liveable place. 

Promise of Spring--Magnolia Buds

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Promise of Spring--Magnolia Buds
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That's right.  You are looking at a photo of my dishes, because the sunlight was so magnificent this morning and it
made me think of young Khalid and his comments about glass and magnifying sunlight to serve energy needs.  Ten years old and he understands energy needs and loves earth science.  Of course, he lives in CLE, so he is doomed, right?

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Whats Up Realneo?

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So I was on here a while back and it was getting spammed out by wing nuts.   Then I come  back like a year later and its crazy warfare drama between the core Realneo players.. exactly the kind of drama things need to stay edgy, but exactly the kind of energy I care not to read.  All the raa raa was not what I use to come around here for, or contribute to.  Is all the bantering, lawyering, and mean talk over around these parts?

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STOP Jackson from building a nightmare INCINERATOR on west side of CLE

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11/15/2011 - 13:00
12/30/2011 - 13:59
The city of Cleveland is proposing to build a garbage incinerator at the Ridge Road Transfer Station.

It would involve the cooking of trash at high temperatures and the release of toxic pollutants into the air.

This site lists all of the many reasons Cleveland should not build a garbage incinerator in Cleveland:

Progressive or Regressive Energy Solutions?

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Across Ohio--cities are looking at progressive ways to produce sustainable energy.  Zoos are at the forefront of this trend, most likely,  because they are in the business of saving species from extinction. 

The Cincinatti Zoo has the largest publicly accessible solar array in Ohio.  Columbus and Akron will be following soon. 

Monumental Stupidity

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By now, some City of Cleveland residents are alerted to the fact that the Jackson administration pledged away $1.5 million dollars of your money to Peter Tien (of Sunpo Optu LED scam) to facilitate the construction of a garbage incinerator on Ridge Road. 

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Rock and roll, American Pie, and Chicken Little

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Is Cleveland doomed to become a city without music if legislation is updated that spells out the rules for bars, taverns and restaurants that want to add live music?

Next summer, Abbey will be one lane only, one way only. Here are the directiions .

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This was discussed at the last O.D.O.T. Q&A meeting. I was a bit late and asked O.D.O.T. for the details in writing and a map. Here they are:

Cleveland NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller Resigns Amid Medical Mart Fallout, Conflict With Forbes Over Hts. Curfew Law

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Outgoing Cleveland NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller


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Dates of upcoming O.D.O.T. Question & Answer meetings

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Since I had only one day notice of the meeting, I complained and found that other people had had earlier notices and Sammy Catania had provided Henry Senyak with a list of dates. I suggested they be put in the newsletter. Well, the date it has to go to the printer doesn't allow for that. Well, print the whole list! Fortunately, the helpful Public Information Officer sent me the list, and here it is! I hope in the future to not be the only one raising questions/from the board.

A Great Lakes "Thanks" to the Plain Dealer!

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Dear editors of the Plain Dealer:

Thank you for the continuing focus the Plain Dealer has been giving to the
controversial, and potentially very damaging to all of the Great Lakes region,
piece of legislation that passed both the Ohio House and Senate—and especially
for your “11th hour” editorial leading Ohio governor John Kasich, and all readers,
back to his utterance of support for the Great Lakes last year on the campaign trail.


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TWDC sent out another announcement about the ODOT  updates, which are to be held monthly. This one gives very little time since the meeting is TOMORROW. Since they are to be held every month, it looks like it will always be on a Wednesday and at Sokolowski's. Tonight is only an hour, not two hours as it was last time. Text of the message follows.