Submitted by Guest on Thu, 10/21/2004 - 15:49.

REALNEO is transformational. The 'Global Village' is reality. Northeast Ohio's citizens' unique value is being realized because they have free access to a universal knowledge management network. Sound preposterous? It may to slow adopters of information technology: For others, REALNEO is giving them competitive advantage: It is the global standard for social networks. And, the value-enhancing solutions that it provides will become more numerous with its widespread adoption. Enterprise knowledge management is the correct solution for the opportunity Northeast Ohioans confront: Fully leveraging existing and future cluster strength to benefit people by adding to their knowledge and creating wealth.

REALNEO is empowering. It enables people to bring their ideas and enterprise to global markets.

REALNEO is a universal open source network. Everyone participating in the growth economy - entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, venture capitalists, service providers, students, leaders of foundations, non-profit organizations and government - have a single platform that allows them to: dialogue, plan, schedule, message, share images and videos, while providing the complete set of collaboration tools.

REALNEO will become ubiquitous. It is the only place that has total functionality for free so it is becoming the one portal where everyone meets.

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