What is unique?

Submitted by Boris Mann on Fri, 10/08/2004 - 00:02.

REALNEO is unique in many ways.

is developing a uniquely world-class open source content management
system, by adding to the Drupal project and helping drive and fund
further optimal development.

REALNEO is developing a uniquely world-class open source individual data – lifestyle – management system, a deployment of the FOAF
standard, adding to the PeopleAggregator project and and helping drive
and fund further optimal development to PeopleAggregator and FOAF.

is merging those uniquely world-class capabilities, with other great
functions and capabilities, partnering with the inventors and other end
users, to build the optimal collaboration and social networking
framework for any team environment. Such an optimal, free solution does
not exist today – and it is not easily avaialble at any price.

is a strategic, systemic deployment of a mission critical open source
initiative in a major regional community – that is quite unique. That
it is a virtual social network is unique. That it is for economic
development and entrepreneurship is unique.

This project and
related paradigm shifts will offer unique awareness about social
networking and open source among young people in our community, making
them better knowledge workers. This also gives them unique applications
for their skills, allowing them to immediately help build their own
virtual community – everyone in the community will be able to use REALNEO and if they’re an IT resource they may add to the project – all for all.

will be one of the world’s largest deployments of Drupal and other
connected open source applications and so will be hard-wired to the
developers of their code – we are developing at the leading edge across
many borders; interpersonal, organizational, cultural and national –
and in all cases working with the relevant experts and product
inventors – the coders. This is unique.

is pooling end users who need the same range of social network and
content management capabilities, to help manage the process with the
specifications, documentation, testing, analysis, and deployment and
implementation strategy. This is a unique development model.

this is being implemented entirely via a Drupal social network – well,
as of Friday the 8th, and so the process is proof of the concept. This
is unique.

It is easier to explain what is not unique – great teamwork enables great achievements.

related information is contained in this site – feel free to post a
comment or question if you don’t see the information you need.

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