REALNEO is open to public

Drupal rocks, and Bryght has done a great job providing Northeast Ohio with an optimal economic development and entrepreneurship virtual community... and word is starting to get out in the community, as we are being linked-in and seeing outside traffic grow.

We've removed the front end password control so it is easier for friends to visit and become involved. This week, we're launching a REALNEO site for the "wind power" COIL, and a COIL for the arts called "mayshow" is soon forthcoming. Other COILs will quickly follow, starting in November for Supply Chain and Logistics, Film Production, and Nanotechnology, as we'll then be able to add more REALNEO sites as needed (and each COIL, project, organization or enterprise - even individual - may have their own REALNEO integrated site).

So, friend of REALNEO, check out the site today and feel free to add some feedback and comments - if you haven't done so yet, please select "Polls" from the top or side menu and complete the current poll (results are revealing, but confidential). And, feel free to send people over to check out this work in progress.

Over the coming weeks the framework will "lighten" up as the content and structure are refined, and effort is distributed across COIL specific sites. Then, we'll work through important integrated, consistent refinements for all the sites, like optimizing member profile management, linking together calendars, enhancing rich media content management and adding teleconferencing and videoconferencing, for starters.

See you at REALNEO -!

Thanks for your support.

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